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Well if I am writing this extremely late post it means that the blog tour for Remember Me came to an end.

Let us recap with these snippets

Kicking off the tour on 5th August

Review at A Knight’s Reads “Remember Me is a great holiday read packed with romance, intrigue and suspense. It’s got a different level of Iberian escapism with the twist of who is Helen and why was she there in the beach. The steaminess of the underlying romance smoulders off the page whilst the intrigue captured this crime fiction fan’s attention.”

Review at Julie Loves Reading “There are some nail biting moments at the end of the book and I loved it!”

6th August

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) “The tensions really amps up towards the end and I find myself thralled and trying to read quicker to find out what was really going on.”

Review at Portable Magic “As we reach the end of the novel, the tension goes up a notch and there is a sense of danger within the pages. I was holding my breath to discover how the situation would be resolved and I was on edge until the very end.”

7th August

b for bookreview puts Dawn in the spotlight as we learn when and where she likes to write, what she does when she isn’t reading, how she felt when she held her book for the first time & so much more…

Review at Louise Mullins “The tension mounts as danger lurks nearby and her past is finally revealed. There is a HEA and it’s sizzling hot. I loved every sexy word.”

8th August

Review at Sharon Beyond the Books “A story that is capable of having you on the edge of your seat and attempting to read around corners so you can find out what happens faster!”

Extract at Just Katherine “But as he stood still, looking across the promenade, he sighed deeply; it was a shame to see someone in such a state. The woman was so drunk she couldn’t even walk straight, and her body swayed ragdoll-like from side to side.”

9th August

Extract at Novel DeelightsI mean I don’t know!” She said firmly. “I don’t remember my name.” And then shaking her head and immediately regretting it as pain seared through it again, she continued, “I don’t know what my name is. I don’t know when I was born. I don’t know where I live, and I don’t know where I am!” She looked wide eyed around the bright white room, “Where am I?””

Review at Lorreannelovesherbooks (IG) “This was a really enjoyable thriller, with plenty of added romance to spice it up, and I was kept guessing till the end. There were lots of great characters, and the plot was interesting keeping me engrossed from the first page till the last”

10th August

Review at Thrill of the PageThings I liked: The descriptions of the beautiful Spanish coastline and small towns. The dynamic between Sanchez and his best friends, Juan and Cathy. The tension between Sanchez and Helen.

Extract at Rae Reads ““Can you actually imagine yourself doing that, Helen? Go with your gut instinct. Remember you weren’t drunk, and you were wearing a dress, of sort. That is assuming you were alone. We are not even sure about that; no one’s reported you missing, so you could have been with someone and they may not have been found yet.””

11th August, it’s a sad day, it’s the final day!

Review at Jessica Belmont “Intriguing characters, crime, love…what’s not to enjoy about Remember Me? The plot alone is super intriguing. A woman with amnesia, struggling through flashbacks to figure out who she is.”

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds “What if it hadn’t been some silly, albeit dangerous, accident? What if someone had tried to hurt her and she’d been attacked? She’d got the cut on her head somehow! And, despite having no memory of who she was, Helen had a feeling she wasn’t the type of woman to wear such a skimpy outfit for a night out.”

What did we learn on this tour for Remember Me

If you are looking for a sizzling thriller then look no further!! It is an intriguing story set on a beautiful Spanish coastline. However, don’t be fooled this will have you on the edge of your seat and second-guessing until the end! What more could you ask for?!

Well, this is well and truly a wrap!

Remember Me is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx


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