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In catch up mode but I am writing the wrap up for the blog tour for Once Upon A Crime card game.

Let us recap with these snippets

Kicking off on 5th August

Read, Write, InspireI would really like to try one of the other Foul Play games and I can see these becoming a staple for game nights in our house. The fact that m 17 and 15 yr old actually asked me to play says a lot about how enjoyable we all found it.

Karen and Her Books (IG) “It is a wonderfully illustrated game and was fun for all the family. We do enjoy a good mystery.”

Sharon Beyond the Books “The quality of the cards is good too, so will last a while. The swopping and stealing from the other version is all exactly the same so we found it easy to pick up again and so did the youngest!”

Feed The CrimeI think this is perfect for in the evenings when you want to just turn off all the screens and spend time having fun with the family. It would also be perfect to take on holidays as its the same size as a deck of cards so it’s easy to travel with.”

6th August

This Hannah Reads “The first thing that impressed me about this game was that there are different ways to play it, you can chose whether you play as a good cop or bad cop which means that the game doesn’t get boring and repetitive. I also liked that all the rule cards were used and it was clear which to follow depending on which version of the game you wanted to play.”

The Word is Out – Alyson’s Reviews (FB) “It would be ideal to take on holiday as only a pack of cards is involved- no boards or counters – and makes a great alternative to films and tv, encouraging the players to use all their wits and cunning as they swap, steal and search for the evidence to close the case.”

The Divine Writes “What I really like is that you can play the game anywhere, I love that I can just put the cards in my bag and take them with us on our travels. The other thing is how versatile the game is – because you can play in different ways the games you play always vary.”

lucysbooks26 “All in all a brilliant engaging and learning game for all ages, only a deck a cards so will easily fit into my handbag for those nights on holiday at the pool bar, hours of entertainment and 2 versions of the game for the price of 1, what more could you wish for!”

7th August

Books Of All Kinds “There were lots of laughs and shouts of ‘you can’t do that’ and then the joy when someone bet it all and declared they knew who the culprit was, only to be proven wrong!”

Jazzy Book Reviews “There are a variety of characters (aka suspects), and lots of clues to put together your “crime scene” while playing. Every time will be different, which makes it a game you can play again and again without fear of repetition”

Cover2Cover Blog “The cards themselves are good quality and the images are vibrant and fun, especially the suspect cards. They are very detailed and great to look at.”

8th August

Mikaela ReadsIt’s a brilliant family-friendly game that can be played again and again and again!”

Sue Loves to Read “This is a great new idea… It is a fun game.”

Rachel Read It “It encouraged them to think analytically and tactically to outsmart each other-to be fair they didn’t have to work hard to outsmart me!”

ChaosHappinessBookMama “fast paced, intense, and very competitive… It can be played many times – not just a guess once and done.”

9th August

Curled Up With A Good Book “The illustrations on the card were fab. I loved having murderous fairy tale characters – Little Red Riding Hood as a murderer…..brilliant!”

Rae Reads “Each game is different anyway but because you can either play as bad cop or good cop this adds an extra twist. This for me was another great selling point. I loved the variety of characters and the evidence that you had the choice of before you finally announce “I wish to solve the crime!””

The Strawberry Post “Playing in Bad Cop mode felt somehow more freeing and silly too as sometimes you’d begin with all the evidence cards in your hand that you needed to frame a suspect but needed to find that suspect card, or in one turn I’d ended up with no evidence cards but almost all the suspects!”

Katrina ReadsWe had so many laughs stealing each others cards and blocking each other when we thought we had won!”

10th August

twoladiesandabook (IG) “I think this would make a really fun holiday game as you don’t need to.take much with you to be able to play.”

Read and ReviewedThis was a lot of fun, will continue to be a lot of fun, and I’ll be watching out for more to play. There’s currently one other in the range and I hope they’ll produce more! It’s great fun. Really worth a go.”

snowphiethebookworm (IG) “If you are someone who enjoys murder mysteries and has yourself down as the new Poirot then you need this game!”

It is the final day today 11th August

Mama-Bear Book Hour “the game was alot of fun and I feel will become a regular contender for our card nights. It was different, the game was quick to play and not too long winded.”

Book Read 2day “But this card game with a crime committed was a breath of fresh air being easy to set up and play with just cards, that’s much more easier than setting up a cluedo board game.”

Read the Week “I absolutely loved playing this and it’s place in our game cupboard has been thoroughly earned!”

The Book Cosy…this was a really enjoyable and addictive game. If like us you have a super competitive family or group of friends then this is a perfect way to compete and frustrate each other with your devious game play”

What did we learn on this tour for Once Upon A Crime

Well, I can talk from experience here because this is a favourite in our house. The bad cop version also all the way, it’s the most fun! But as the reviews say, this is the perfect game to take on holiday with you because it is a card game, so fit perfectly in your luggage. No game is ever the same and everyone gets competitive! Each round can be quick and will have you guessing until the end. It is a win-win of a game!

Well, this is well and truly a wrap!

Once Upon A Crime is out now and available to buy on Foul Play

Until the next adventure xxx

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