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Well if I am writing this extremely late post it means that the blog tour for Merry Go Round came to an end.

Let us recap with these snippets

It’s Hump Day 4th August and the tour has kicked off

Review by Wendyreadsbooks (IG), “Merry Go Round is an intense psychological story exploring some complex relationships. At times, hard to read, Lily’s story drags you through every emotion as you will her to have the strength to move on.”

Review by BIBLIOBUSHRA (IG), “The writing fleshes out the characters well, revealing a little bit about them layer by layer.”

Review by Book Escapes with BabsW67, “Although the title speaks of merry go rounds, this was a definite rollercoaster ride as the reader gains an insight into the damage caused by a manipulative partner, one who toys with emotions and runs hot and cold.”

On 5th August, we had a busy day!

Review at Jessica Belmont, “I really liked first person here. I don’t usually love this pov, but there was something about it that felt necessary to really get into Lily’s head. Very realistic and scary. This book took me on a wave of emotions.”

Review at Just Katherine “Sometimes dark and disturbing, chilling then loving, Merry Go Round will surprise you again and again as it gets into the core of human relationships and represents how some people have many facets to them like Jekyl and Hyde but much more sinister.

Review at jay.rae.reads (IG), “I liked the first person view in this story because you were really able to understand what the main character was thinking and feeling, and it made it easy to get attached. Our thoughts are often unorganized in the present tense and this novel portrayed that well, and showed Lily’s vulnerability through this.

Review at Brewtiful Fiction, “What stuck out for me almost instantly was how the author allowed us to really get into Lily’s mind and this for me made the story all the more tense.”

It is FRI-6th August-YAY and we got to see something different

b for bookreview puts Sarah in the spotlight as we find out who she would co-write a book with, would she be a good or bad character, how it feels to hold her book for the first time and so much more…

Review at Books by Bindu, “This is an engaging psychological thriller, character study even of a young woman’s circumstances and how she battles overcome them. It’s gritty, real and unflinching. Well worth the read!”

Review at The Bashful Bookworm, “[Lily]Her thoughts are chaotic and seemingly unreasonable most of the time, but it’s also realistic and terrifying how controlled she is by this past relationship.”

Before the weekend starts on 7th August, we saw these reviews come in,

Review at Pauline Render, “Merry Go Round is without a doubt one of the best books I have read this year and I’m looking forward to reading more by this brilliant writer.”

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds, “I was mystified by people and life, as if I were on the outside watching it all happen to others. It was little wonder I had no idea how to cope with people and their idiosyncrasies, especially multifaceted people like Nat.”

Review at snowphiethebookworm (IG), “It is truly a merry go round with emotions from the characters and the readers too , you know a book is written well , when it can change the readers emotions to what the character is feeling.”

Sunday 8th August, it’s meant to be a day of rest but it’s not on this tour

Portable Magic puts Sarah in the spotlight as we learn how she constructs her characters, who would play the main characters, her favourite film and so much more…

Review at BookLoverWorm, “This isn’t likely to be an easy read for anyone, however it is brilliantly written and done sensitively in a way which shows what it can be like to experience this kind of relationship and the aftermath of it as well.”

Review at library_of_lucyg (IG), “The writing style of this author meant I was emotionally invested very early on making this hard to put down, so much so, I read this is in one sitting.”

It’s the start of a new week, and it means new reviews!

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “I was hooked from the very first page. The term unputdownable is possible one of the most overused slogans in relation to books, but in this case it is the only word that will do.”

Review at Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, “I am incredibly surprised to learn that Merry Go Round is the author’s debut book, the writing is so in-depth and immersive and I can see that Sarah Toll is going to have a long and successful career.”

Review at twoladiesandabook (IG), “I loved the style of how it was written. It was very descriptive, so it was very easy to get a real feel for it, and to get lost quickly.”

It was the final day of the tour on the 10th August and it’s a sad day.

Review at Karen and Her Books (IG), “What.A.Book. This book had me so gripped that I couldn’t put it down. There are so many emotions attached to this book that it really makes an impression.”

Review at Sharon Beyond the Books, “A book that I could not put down! I have been in dysfunctional relationships and could really relate to Lily and how she felt. Sarah Toll had exquisitely described the emotions and feelings around being in, and escaping from one.”

Review at Sue Loves to Read, “An emotional and powerful read. I really felt for Lily. Very well written”

What did we learn on this tour for Merry Go Round

If you are looking for sunshine and flowers, this might not be the book for you. It’s dark, intense and emotional. It’s one that you can’t put down and will get lost in the writing very quickly. It will suck you and won’t let go until the end, you will feel like you have been put through the wringer.

Well this is well and truly a wrap!

Merry Go Round is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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