If you aren’t sure about whether Zooloo’s Book Tours is for you – see what is being said!


Zoe is a wonderful person to work with. From the very beginning she kept me up to date with every step of the tour before, during & after. Zoe works hard to find the right bloggers for your genre & the banner she created for Broken’s tour was perfect. As a newbie to the book tour world, Zoe was unbelievably helpful & willing to answer any question I had. The whole process was smooth & easy & I will definitely be back for another tour. Highly recommend!

K.M. Harding

Zoe is great to work with and delivers what she says she will do when she says she will. A pleasure. I highly recommend Zooloos Book Tours to any author who wants to reliably have a book tour happen without any stress whatsoever.

Leopold Borstinski

I could not be happier with Zooloos Book Tours! Zoe has coordinated two tours for my most recent titles, and the results have been wonderful. Her bloggers are insightful and well-spoken. Zoe is dedicated to making sure her clients receive maximum exposure through her service. I heartily recommend Zooloos Book Tours.

Beth Duke

I can’t thank Zoe enough

I can’t thank Zoe enough for hosting my IF SHE WAKES tour. She was easy to work with, organized, and has an amazing group of bloggers at her disposal. Five stars through and through.

Erik Therme

I can’t thank Zoé enough for organising my book tour for A Balancing Kind of Love.

This was the first time I send one of my books ‘on tour.’ From start to finish, Zoé

kept me up to date.


During the week, my social media accounts went crazy as the reviews were shared with some amazing bloggers. The feed back I received was brilliant.

I would highly recommend Zooloo Book Tours for any author planning to sending their book ‘on tour.’ Thank you again Zoé

Jo Cates
Author of A Balancing Kind of Love

Great coverage

My book tour hit the goals I was setting out for. My new book needed a boost and I certainly got that from Zoe. For the days we were live I achieved some great reviews, lots of exposure on social media and made some new and important friends. All my interactions with Zoe were timely and efficient. I’ll be coming back for more if she’ll have me. There’s always so much to do as a writer and Zoe took much of that work off me so I could get on with writing. Many thanks!

Chris Cloake

Fantastic interaction and on point delivery

Great blog tour for my debut crime novel, set in Hampshire’s New Forest.

Well organised and delivered as promised. Great communication and
A tailored approach that really gave me great feedback.

Highly recommended. 5* all the way.

Andy Hill
A J Hill

Great reviews and a professional service.

This was a great way of getting my book out into the ether. The reviews were lovely and didn’t just give me a good rating; they were also detailed and made me think about the book as a whole. Zoe was very professional and responsive. Altogether an extremely satisfying experience.

Anthony Gary Twigg

Inkubator Books

Zooloo’s Book Tours has been instrumental in getting our books noticed on social media. Zoe has a wonderful collection of bloggers, ready to review the books we publish. She is well-organized and communicates effectively and efficiently. A book tour arranged by Zoe will get your book noticed on social media.
-Claire Milto, Inkubator Books
Claire Milto
Inkubator Books

The Engine House

Zooloo’s Book tours took care of The Engine House, my first steps in a new venture with a new series. As an author, you are always on edge as to how people are going to respond. To say the tour exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. Zoé’s communication is impeccable. She’s skilled in providing the necessary graphics and doubly skilled in knowing which bloggers are best suited to the tour. It ran smoothly, with zero hiccups. I know that tours are often dismissed these days, but for me, I got exposure when I needed it and, more than anything, validation from the response of the bloggers that I’m on the right track with this series. The reviews were thought through and meaningful, the tweets were awesome. So thank you, Zoé. I will be back.

Rhys Dylan

Rhys Dylan
Wyrmwood books

An excellent blog tour

My thanks to Zoe for organising the blog tour for Dark Secrets, the eleventh book in my Cavendish & Walker series. Everything ran smoothly and I was thrilled by the number of bloggers who took part. I would highly recommend Zoe to anyone wishing to run a blog tour.

Sally Rigby

Herdin cats has never been so easy!

I am very glad I discovered Zoe and Zooloo’s Book Tours. Zoe worked really hard on my behalf, securing some really top notch bloggers and reviewers to promote my book. I hadn’t done anything like this before, and Zoe made it easy with her relaxed manner and great communication. But it isn’t just Zoe’s great service that I enjoyed: The bloggers and reviewers she works with are a wonderful and reliable bunch of book fans, who each handled their spots on the tour brilliantly. There were some fantastic graphics to promote the tour, and a great deal of social media coverage. Now it’s over I have a lovely image to represent each day of the tour, each with quotes from some amazing reviews. I can use these now to continue marketing and promoting. I cannot recommend Zoe more highly, and will be working with her again when my second book comes out later this year. Thank you Zoe xx

Bev C Harris, author of Conspiracy of Cats

B C Harris

Can’t Recommend Highly Enough!

I took a punt on Zoe’s Book Tour via a recommendation, not really knowing what to expect. Wow! Were my expectations surpassed!
Zoe contacted a host of book bloggers on my behalf and nailed down those 18 who expressed an interest in my book, DeadStar.
Every day for a full seven-day week, the allotted bloggers – without fail – posted on their blogs, social media and, in many cases, GoodReads and Amazon, their reviews (as well as a Q&A with myself, and a couple of book extracts). One extract alone was retweeted by enough Twitter book-bloggers that it must have reached 50K Twitter users.
At the end of an incredible experience, I now have a host of review quotes with which to launch my book, which is beyond invaluable. I’ll add them to my Amazon Description and early browsers will see glowing appraisals. Among my marketing, I’d wanted to compare DeadStar with Spinal Tap and Daisy Jones – sounds naff and iffy coming from me – and now I have bloggers doing that for me, whom readers will trust. I also currently have a 4.29 rating on GoodReads from 14 ratings and 13 reviews – two weeks before launch. As ARC teams go, this one really works!
I couldn’t have wished for a better start for DeadStar. All thanks to Zoe.

Nick Griffiths
Thanks Zooloos Book Tours for the summary of The Wi-Fi of Dreams Part Two Butterfly Assassins Tour.  I look forward to it being published on 24th December 2021.
The blog reviews are exceptional.  The reviewers have certainly highlighted the originality, inventiveness and memorability of Steve Walsh’s writing and been honest in their personal assessment of the narrative.  Many of the reviewers asked when the third book would be available.  Book Three in The Wi-Fi of Dreams series will be published in 2022.
Thank you so much for your hard work in organising the blog tour so efficiently and effectively.  The daily management of the tour was superb and the summaries provided very useful feedback.  I would definitely use your services again.
Jacki Waters
Red Literary Agency

The best blog tour I’ve ever had!

Zoé-Lee organised a blog tour for my historical novel The Seamstress of Warsaw via my publisher SpellBound Books. I honestly could not be happier with the outcome. There were multiple posts by brilliant bloggers each day plus fantastic summaries of each day posted on social media by Zoé-Lee. I was so impressed by the quality of the presentation too, which used elements from the book cover beautifully. In every aspect, this blog tour was far and away the best experience of blog tours I’ve had as an author and I’d recommend Zoé-Lee wholeheartedly to any author or blogger. Thanks so much, Zoé-Lee 😊❤📖

Rebecca Mascull

Zoe organised a tour for my book Small Forgotten Moments in August, and it was a pleasure to work with her. Zoe worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly and kept me updated. It was the first time I’d worked with someone who had people posting on Facebook and Instagram as well as their blogs, so it was interesting to have that added dimension. A couple of the bloggers on the tour have read other books I’ve written and have continued to share my social media posts which is really lovely and unexpected. I highly recommend Zoe for your tour.

Annalisa Crawford, Author of Small Forgotten Moments
Friendly, fun and fantastic! Working with Zoe to facilitate the blog tour for Foul Play Once Upon A Crime was an exceptional experience.
It’s great when you can collaborate with someone so passionate and professional and we’ll definitely be in touch to work together again.
Ben, After Dark Murder Mystery Events

Zoe’s tour for The Lies I Tell ran like a dream. From the graphics to the social media side, everything around the tour was top class, but inevitably the most important things are always the blogs themselves, and here the tour really excelled, with excellent, thoughtful reviews from bloggers who had both credibility and presence. Thanks a million to Zoe and all the bloggers for some fantastic work.

Joel Hames, Author of The Lies I Tell

Zoe was very quick to respond to emails throughout the process of planning the tour and was a delight to work with. It was wonderfully organised and went off without a hitch. She designed a beautiful tour poster for us and we got lots of wonderful new reviews for our book! I’d really recommend her services if you’ve been struggling to find reviewers.

Molly at Untold Publishing

I was extremely happy with how Zoé organized and managed the book blog tour for my novel, With Face Aflame. She kept me informed every step of the way, and remained involved daily once the tour started instead of just setting up the dates and stepping back. Communicating with her was easy and effective. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to tour their book, and I plan on hiring her again once I get my fourth book ready to publish. Thanks, Zoé, you’re awesome!

A. E. Walnofer

What an amazing person and tour manager Zoe is. Communications were clear and regular. Zoe went way beyond the call with the book blog tour and she made me feel special to have a book out there, in the scary world. I intend to work with Zoe again and I 100% recommend her to all authors, self-published and traditional, to gain further reach in your promotional campaign. Thank you!! 😀

Emae Church

Zoe has just organised and completed a blog tour for my book, “Death Rains Down” . What can I say only that Zoe was fantastic, organising everything down to the last detail. A true professional and highly recommended. Alongside that she is one of the most helpful, cooperative, enthusiastic and nicest people you could ever deal with.

Kevin McManus

The book tour totally surpassed my expectations. Zoe managed to get an incredible number of reviewers on board for the 7 days and somehow managed to keep on top of them as they posted their reviews – not only sharing the posts on social media, but pulling out the highlights from the review to better catch the eye of potential readers. Throughout the process she was friendly, professional and diligent; and worked tirelessly to make it the success it was. I can’t thank her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking about doing a tour for their own book.

Susan Handley, author of Paid in Blood

I can’t thank Zoe enough for her coordination and drive of the Mind Guerrilla book tour. From start to finish Zoe was kind, engaging and fully committed to delivering a quality service. If you’re an author after a tour don’t hesitate to utilise Zoe. I will certainly look forward to working with her again. What makes Zoe stand apart from many others is that she genuinely cares about you the author.

Martin Tracey

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Zoe from Zooloosbookdiary for arranging my blog tour. Not only did she get a huge number of bloggers involved in the tour, doing a number of things as well as reviewing, like posting extracts and running interviews, but she also ensured that the tour ran smoothly, with daily posts being shared extensively across all social media platforms. Zoe certainly raised the profile of my book through her tour, and had a lot of people talking about it that would otherwise not have done. I can’t thank her enough, and would not hesitate to recommend Zoe’s services to anyone.

Mark Brownless, Author of The Shadow Man

Zoe’s blog tour was by far the best blog tour I’ve been involved in. She took the stress out of organizing the tour myself, approached all the bloggers, put together the graphics, cracked her whip and made it all happen seamlessly. There were so many posts per day I felt like I’d taken over the internet. All the reviews were so positive and I felt incredibly special during the few days of the blog tour. Zoe shares info readily and is great at communication and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.

Marisa Noelle, Author of The Reckoning

Wow! What a fabulous experience that was! Zooloo’s Blog Tours offered the full package from start to finish.

Zoe is extremely lovely and friendly to deal with. Her emails are prompt and professional, and her organisational skills are second to none. She rallied together a huge total of 14 wonderful bloggers who wrote positive and insightful reviews for my book (“Out of Your Head”.)

The artwork that Zoe designed for social media was beautiful and eye-catching. Her steady stream of tweets and social media posts were non-stop, giving my book plenty of air time. I now have a large helping of glowing review quotes that I can use for future promotion.

Thanks so much to Zoe and the Zooloo team – much appreciated! 🙂

Rose McClelland, author of Out Of Your Head

Big massive thank you to Zoe for organising a brilliant book tour for my novel ‘The Memories We Bury’ in June 2021. Zoe’s art work for the tour poster and the daily highlight quotes she posted throughout the tour on all relevant social media platforms were eye-catching and beautifully designed. I could also tell that she’d given careful thought to who she approached for the tour, making sure the genre appealed to the bloggers and therefore give the book the best chance to succeed.

I very much enjoyed the tour and look forward to booking Zoe’s services again in the future. Highly recommended!

Helene Leuschel, author of Memories We Bury

Zooloo’s Book Diary is run by Zoe, and she did such a fantastic job, everything was so easy, there was very little I had to do! Zoe contacted me once the tour had been booked, and sent me interview questions and made sure she had all the information she needed, then that was it! I could sit back and enjoy! I would thoroughly recommend Zoe’s services if you are looking to have a book tour organised.

Emma Bennet, author of Her Sister's Baby

Wow! What an experience. Her book tours aren’t bad either!  If you have ever considered advertising a book via Tour, then look no further. Zooloo’s Book Tours provides a professional yet extremely friendly experience to get your work out to the eyes of the big wide world. I’ve personally seen first-hand the amount of work that goes into these tours, and Zoe certainly goes above and beyond to make sure that happens. I received some fabulous reviews, and even gained the pleasure of new future readers along the way. I would without doubt come back to Zooloo’s again. And recommend any one else to do the same

Matt Rayner, author of Echoes of Home
I have had a handful of Blog Tours organised for me in the past, and to start with Zooloo’s Book Tours got together the most bloggers that I’ve had. Not only that, but they were all great and well-respected. Each review was personal to them, and I felt they not only read my book (The Crazy Season), but felt compelled enough to quote a number of passages and look into the motivations of the characters.
Zoe is friendly and diligent, really going that extra mile to make sure things run smoothly. Daily, she worked tirelessly to update me with the day’s blog posts and shared them on a handful of separate social media platforms. She makes you feel like throughout the tour your book is the most important book in the world and everyone is rooting for you.
I would honestly see no reason to look any further than her. She is very enthusiastic and professional, certainly a huge asset to any promotion release for your new book. Thank you, Zoe and all the fabulous bloggers behind you!
Jim Ody, author of The Crazy Season

My thanks to Zooloo’s Book Tours for organising and hosting a fantastic blog tour for my debut novel The Ballynoon Friendship Novel. #womens’fiction.

Zoe, handpick the bloggers and reviewers to take part in the tour. She would highlight each of the blogs as they arrived on social media and tag me in to see. Each review was solid comments from characters to how well they received your story. The whole experience was a great way to introduce a newbie author into the world of connecting with bloggers and reviewers.

I would have no problem recommending the services of Zooloo’s Book Tours to fellow writers.

Pauline Morgan, author of The Ballynoon Friendship Circle

As a newbie and indie author, it’s incredibly hard to get your book noticed. Competition is fierce and phenomenally large. Zoé managed to reach some amazing bloggers and put my book under their noses, giving me some fabulous coverage. She’s delightful to work with and very diligent. I thoroughly recommend her services! You will not be disappointed!

Jane Badrock, author of Comatose

I don’t know what strange being Zoe is or what planet she’s from, but Zoe from Zooloo’s Blog Tour and her super powers managed to put together an 8 day book tour for my latest release, Amalie. Her wealth of knowledge and long contact list for bloggers including some award-winning ones amazes me to even this day. I saw nothing but my book shared across three social media platforms for 8 days, and the enthusiasm was contagious. Highly recommended.

E.J Wood, Author of Amalie

Having hired Zoe for my blog tour of The Hard Way, I can honestly say I won’t be using anyone else for my future tours. She is professional and keeps you in the loop, constantly updating you on proceedings, how many bloggers she has managed to reach.

I was quite surprised at how much she puts into each tour. This service is great value for money. If you are looking for someone to work with on your book tour, I highly recommend Zoe.
Duncan Brockwell, author of The Hard Way
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