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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Mind Guerrilla has sadly come to an end – did you get to meet Judd Stone?

Well lets find out!

It a gloomy Monday 28th June, but we kicked off the tour today!

Lorre Anne at lorreannelovesherbooks (IG) was hooked despite the size of the book, “There are some fabulous tense moments in this book, and the story races on to an exciting conclusion!”

*What a way to start the tour!*

Janet at From First Page to Last has this exclusive extract, “The girl’s arms were spread-eagled, each of her hands pinned to the wooden door of a kitchen cabinet by a respective knife having been forced through her palms. It seemed clear that the killer wanted to create a depiction of a crucifixion.

*Wowzers! That is some creative murder scene*

Jules at One More Word also has an exclusive extract, ““The only place I’d bury a hatchet is in your messed-up head, Banks.” “I see those anger management classes are coming on a treat, DI Stone.””

*Do like a bit of comedy in the darkness*

Gloomy Tuesday 29th June, but fab posts here,

Ginger Book Geek

Sarah at Lost in the Land of Books couldn’t put this down for long, “Mind Guerrilla is nitty and gritty, it has murder, suspense, a serial killer, cult, police procedure, twists, turns and a little bit of paranormal. It’s like a lucky bag filled with goodies thay keeps you entertained and reading.”

*I do love a bag of goodies!*

Deb at dds_book_reviews (IG) is a new fan, “A cracking thriller with more twists & turns than you can imagine. The pace does not wain & it results in a satisfactory conclusion.”

*Well that is great to hear!*

Office day for me today, 30th June, so I snuck in some light reading with these posts,

Jessica at Jessica Belmont loves the writing and was kept guessing, “The plot captured my attention from page one and didn’t let me put it down until the last page. This is a thrill ride. It kept me guessing, it kept me on my toes, and sometimes it made me emotional.”

*Ooh emotional as well as thrilling!*

Pauline at Pauline Render (FB) enjoyed the book despite the size of it, “Although this is a long book, it’s definitely worth the hours of sleep I lost as I raced towards the climax, and I can’t wait to see what else lies in store for these two men.”

*A book you can lose sleep too is a winner always*

The sun shone, it was nice today, on 1st July as we starts to see the weekend approaching,

Kate at Portable Magic loved meeting a new duo, “As the novel reaches the end, it becomes more frantic as the detectives search for their suspect. There are lots of twists and turns so I was keen to see how it would conclude and I look forward to seeing what these characters get up to in the next installment.

*Luckily you won’t have to wait long*

Mikaela at Mikaela Reads shares this exclusive extract, “But the drama was not over, and soon Judd and Sab were unsurprisingly faced with another life threatening situation as an articulated lorry began to head straight towards them. The lorry was hurtling down on them like an express train out of control and Sab found no assurance from seeing the look of horror on the face of the lorry driver who was now so close that she could even see the whites of his eyes, his orange-coloured baseball cap and the fact that he was holding a half-eaten sandwich in his right hand.”

*OMG!!!!!! I need to know what is going to happen next!!!!!!!*

It’s FRI- 2nd July – DAY, I can’t see the end of my garden due to the fog, but it’s clear what these posts are about

Herding Cats highly recommends this, “Judd Stone and William Chamberlain are characters who took a while to get used to because they are real! They are both highly skilled and highly motivated officers with very different ways of working. They both have their demons and neither are always easy to work alongside or get on board with. This makes them 3d, real and engaging.”

*Now do we want them as real people?*

The Crime Warp loves the detail, “Mind Guerrilla is certainly a book that will stay with you, from its memorable cast of characters, to it’s extremely detailed attention to detail, to it’s supernatural element.”

*I love that this book will stay with you*

Bookshine and Readbows has these thoughts, “This is a complex and involving deep dive into the dark side of life – prostitutes, cults, hooligans, gangsters, killers – which draws a corresponding darkness from even the ‘good guy’ characters (male and female), keeping the reader unnerved throughout. And it is only the first in the Judd Stone series… just imagine which depths he might explore in future instalments!”

*Don’t you want to find out……*

It is the weekend, but before you start your day, let’s check in with these posts on 3rd July

Sharon Beyond the Books was hooked, “The plot was an intricate and detailed one that kept my interest from the minute I started it. The way Martin Tracey has woven all the multiple threads together shows a skill that many don’t have. A story full of intrigue, twists and suspense that I was immersed in. It definitely kept me guessing throughout and didn’t let me down on the promise of its synopsis.”

*This does sound so awesome!*

Donnas Interviews Reviews and Giveaways (FB) shares her thoughts, “It is a full on intense story with various plot lines through it.”

*Oooh this does sound intriguing*

If it’s the 4th July, it means that is the final day of the tour 🙁 Let’s check out these posts instead,

b for bookreview puts Martin under the spotlight as we find out whom Martin would co-write a book with, who he would like to interview, where you can find him when he’s not reading and much more.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds spotlights the book

Bookworm1346 (IG) put this book under a high praise, “When I was first invited to this tour, I had some serious Chris Carter vibes for this novel and I still feel that this filled the empty gap of the anticipated new Chris Carter novel.”

*This is HUGE praise indeed*

And that is a wrap!!

Mind Guerrilla is out now to buy on Amazon Uk, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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