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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Guilty has sadly come to an end – did we find out who our sin was?

Well lets find out,

A cool Hump 23rd June day saw the tour kick off with these fabulous posts,

Els at b for bookreview gave this a good 5*, “The story is filled with emotions. You will feel sad, happy, disgusted and regularly chills will race down your spine.”

*Oooh what way to kick off the tour!*

Karen at karenandherbooks (IG) is a fan of Sadies, “It draws you in from the first page and really doesn’t let you go. It is full of twists and turns and there are plenty of unexpected events and you really dont see where the book is going. Definitely a book I recommend reading.”

*What a blinding review, I need to pick up this book!*

Sharon at BookEatBook has been left thinking about this one, “You would think that from the amount of books I read nothing could catch me out but this one did. It’s a kind of fatal attraction-like plot and the finale leaves a niggle. Who is the guilty one? Does one crime excuse another? Tit for tat. An eye for eye. Is it ever really justified? I love it when a book leaves me with questions like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

*Oh I just LOVE this!!*

Sian at QuirkyBookReads was looking forward to this, “I like how Ryan has created an engaging and realistic plot by giving awareness to subjects such as domestic violence and mental health. I found that Ryan was able to draw the reader in the story emotionally and physically…

*I do enjoy a book more when they authors tackles difficult subjects correctly*

The sun came back on Thursday 24th June and we celebrated with these posts!

Jessica at Jessica Belmont loves the cover as it screamed at her read the book, “Guilty by Sadie Ryan is a fantastic, psychological thriller. It was so addictive that once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Sadie Ryan is skillful when it comes to plotting. She knows how to weave a twisting story to keep the reader engrossed.

*What fantastic news this is to hear*

Tracy at Compulsive Readers shares this exclusive extract, “I was so excited when I met my husband, like I’d found the golden chalice. That was me, Lindy Villas in love. Nobody had ever been in love like me, I thought. I wonder now if I had known that the man of my dreams was going to be the man of my nightmares how I would have reacted.”

*Colour me intrgiued*

Christina at Christina’s Book Escapes gives us her first impressions, “I am also really enjoying the writing style of Sadie, its simple yet it draws you in. The story is narrated in the first person with each of the leading characters, Mia and Lindy, having their turn in telling you their story. So it actually feels like they right there next to you telling you their side of the events.”

*First impressions are huge and this sounds like it is on to a winner so far!*

Rajiv at Rajiv’s Reviews was entertained, “What I enjoyed about the story is how the author manages to shift the personality of the characters. The author writes the story in a gripping manner where you think you know the characters, but they tend to surprise you.”

*Oooh I do love this!*

It’s Fri-YAY 25th June and I hope you have a fabulous day where ever you are. These ladies are here to see your weekend in,

Stefanie at The Magic of Wor(l)ds shares this exclusive extract, “My fixation on Mia has been recent. She helped me once in the supermarket. My bag for life burst dropping all my shopping in the car park. She came to help. There was something about her delicate femininity that day that caught my attention.”

*Reminds me of Single White Female!*

Donna at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) will be back again for one of Sadie’s books, “This was a book that really, genuinely was impossible to put down. It very much has the one more chapter deal going on, until you’ve finished it. Before that happens the writer isn’t done with your emotions, she decides to chuck in an epic twist that is both incredible and sneaky. I don’t see how anyone would have guessed.”

*insert evil laugh here*

Anne at Run Away Irish Girl really enjoyed this book despite the uncomfortable content, “This book is full of so many twist, turns and loop de loops you would think you were in a Rollercoaster reading this book. It was dark, disturbing and quite uncomfortable.”

*Note to self, don’t eat whilst reading this book*

It’s Saturday 26th June, I spy some sunshine to kick off the weekend, but before we go, let’s enjoy these posts!

Lynda at Lynda’s Book Reviews and News (FB) was hooked, “The authors depictions of her character are spot on and I felt emotion about most of them, even the smaller characters. And just when I thought it was all over there was a massive twist. I seriously didn’t see that one coming. Wow. A great psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat”

*What a review to start the day with!*

Amanda at Ginger Book Geek was hooked, lined and sunked with this book, “‘Guilty’ is superbly written but then I think that to be true of Sadie’s books in general. She certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and she reels you in much as a fisherman reels in a catch.”

*Don’t you just love a book that can do that to you*

Kate at Portable Magic put Sadie under the spotlight as we find out what her previous jobs were, who would play her characters in a movie, her favourite biscuit and so much more…

Namrata at Red Pillows couldn’t put this book down, “I could not stop reading. I could not stop the horror I felt nor the sadness and all other emotions that go with this book. It is interesting to read about how the mind reacts to situations and then tries to understands them. This is a must must must read for all fans of psychological thrillers!”

*Wowzers, I love that book that you can’t stop reading*

Not a great start to Sunday 27th June in our household but here it’s all good!

Claire at A Knights Reads shares this exclusive extract, “My heart plummets. He’s trying to force my hand. He wouldn’t go as far as an accident. Would he? The risks are too high. He isn’t a risk taker. Ricky enjoys an uncomplicated life. ‘I’m not leaving my job and we’re not going on holiday.’”

*Gulp! This doesn’t sound ominous at all!*

Sarah at Bookworm1346 (IG) couldn’t put this book down, “The only down side to this book, is that is was too short! I read this book in one sitting, literally finding it so hard to put down.”

*Well if that is the only downside, it’s a definitely a winner of a book*

Janet at From First Page to Last shares this exclusive extract, “The other night at the pub where young loves dream nurtured a wet dream about Mia, a guy actually tried to pick me up. I know you’re surprised but no more than I was.

*Oh erm…wow……*

It’s Monday 28th June and it’s the peultimate day today!!!!!!

Zelda at Featz Reviews couldn’t put the book down, “Be ready to read through the night as you reach for this book. Guilty is a gripping psychological thriller you will not want to put down before you reach the very last page.”

*I have definitely got that impression during this tour*

Susan at Readinginthelight (IG) was blown away by this book, “This book had me gripped from the first page, and is one of the best psychological thrillers I have read this year.”

*What more can we say?!*

Sharon at Sharon Beyond the Book is a new stalker…I mean fan, “This is an addictive and all-immersive experience. Such a skillfully woven story! The plotting is tight and the twists are so delicious I just had to keep on reading. Her characters are so complex and layered, their development is fantastic. As the story unfolds it slowly peels back each layer of the two women and we discover the root of the reasons for how they both behave.”

*I love this and can’t wait to delve right in*

It’s 29th June and it’s the final day………

Jules at One More Word returned to blogging with this review, “It started with an immediate bang and I got dragged along at a rather nice thrillerlike pace.”

*Who doesn’t love a book that starts with a bang!*

Louise at Louise Mullins is most definitely a fan, “Surprise after stunning surprise till your head is spinning and you don’t know which way is up. It works because the blunt writing style is like a sharp jab to the spine rather than the icy trail of a finger.”

*I think I am going to enjoy this one!*

And that is a wrap!!

Massive thanks to everyone who took part in this tour, you guys all rocked!

You can buy Guilty on Amazon now!

Until the next adventure xx

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