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My ridiculously late wrap up post, can only mean one thing! The tour for On The Seventh Day finished!

Let’s recap with these highlights,

13th August – the day all our fun began!

Rrview by Cover2Cover Blog, “The cynicism is strong, the blasphemy is prominent, and the re-imagining is actually really clever. This book is a rollercoaster of weird and over the top. I said that it isn’t for the faint of heart, but they should probably read it as well.”

Review by The Bashful Bookworm, “The book was far more entertaining and even hopeful than I expected and it’s a book that remains in my thoughts long after I read the final words.”

Reviee by Books with Gina, “Jay and Mo are both fantastic characters! With a hint of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Wayne’s World, this was just the tonic I needed after reading some pretty heavy-going thrillers!”

14th August

Review byThe Word is Out – Alyson’s Reviews (FB), “The ending is absolutely tremendous, displaying the author’s wonderful imagination and makes for a very satisfying conclusion all round.”

Extract at Books Teacups and Reviews, “The gin helped also. She was ready, no doubt about it, but Stewart had the final say, and he’d take some convincing despite the candidate’s exemplary performance. He always did need convincing, but particularly when the candidate was a woman.”

15th August

Extract at Novel Deelights, “Nick’s stomach lurched as Stewart glared across the table at him. His apology forming in his vocal cords, Nick pushed it back and listened to the wee part of himself that had won him his department in the first place.”

Review by Book Escapes with BabsW67, “Foolishly, I had forgotten that this is one of the best books of my reading life! I can confirm that I reread On the Seventh Day, from cover to cover and fell in love with it, all over again.”

16th August

Review by Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), “It’s not a book for the easily offended, but it’s perfect for readers who’d like a little bit of freedom of thought with their humorous fiction. I found myself laughing quite a lot while reading, but there’s also a serious undertone to the book that made this so much more than a comedy read.”

b for bookreview puts Mark in the spotlight as we find out who he would co-write a book with, who he would like to interview, how he comes up with the titles of his books and much more.

Review by Bookshine and Readbows, “Not only was I rooting for the literal devil throughout this story, but his version of events made so much sense to me that my sense of emotional and spiritual balance was shaken to the ground in reading this.”

17th August

Extract at Portable Magic, “In truth, Azrael’s height was the only threatening characteristic the Angel bore. She moved like a dancer, looked like a Greek goddess and whispered like a lover. Everything about her emanated gentleness, peace. Peace was, after all, her purpose, depending on one’s point of view.”

Review by lets_escape_with_books (IG), “Ah man this book left me with aching cheeks and sides. It is HILLARIOUS! If you ever need a pick me up book-PICK THIS ONE UP! I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. It is the most bizzare book I’ve ever read and I loved it!”

18th August

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “Certainly one of the most unique, out there books I have ever read.”

The Magic of Wor(l)ds puts Mark in the spotlight as we learn what books he loved to read growing up, which fictional character he would have for tea, his future plans and so much more.

19th August – the saddest day of the tour, the last day

Review by Herding Cats, “When I agreed to review On the Seventh Day I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for but I had an absolute blast reading this crazy novel. It’s fun, satirical and such a brilliant twist on religion.”

Extract at Rae Reads, “Stewart continued. “None of that Holy spirit, immaculate conception shite this time. Both of you will be placed in the body of someone who already exists. You may use whatever methods… whichever powers you wish.””

Reviee by Sharon Beyond the Books, “A totally unique book that is a satirical take on religion in the 21st century. I have really never read anything like it. For those who can cope with all the above, this is a story that will have you laughing at the irreverence of it all. On the other hand, cut through the humour and underneath it all he has quietly tackled several things that really make you think…and hard.”

Wow! What a tour!! So what did we learn?

This is a book you should take a chance on. It is satirical, funny and quite bizarre. And funny, as in snort out loud, head hurts and your crying kind of laugh. You won’t regret reading it and one everyone should regardless of your stance. It was even compared to Waynes World!! I know a lot of people who would be happy with that!

That is well and truly a wrap!

On The Seventh Day is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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