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Well if I am writing this extremely late post it means that the blog tour for The Interview Chain came to an end.

Let us recap with these snippets

The sun came back on 29th July which means the weekend is nearly here and the tour is kicking off!

prdg reads hasn’t the words for this book, “this is going to be a really hard book to review because I can’t actually tell you anything about it without ruining the experience, but let me tell you that I loved it, I loved the idea of it, the way it was executed and the overall reading experience!

The Divine Writes loved the experience of this book, “The one theme that links everyone in this book is how they are trying to make the world a better place, not just for themselves but for those who come after. You really get to see how the world’s big events filter down to the people living through them.”

It may be Friday 30th July but there is no YAY because of the rain. Instead, I will cheer myself up with these posts

Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) shares this review, “It is such a unique premise. It is overwhelmingly uplifting, as well as being funny, poignant and heartbreaking.”

Books by Bindu is starting her own chain, “I loved the fact that she never knew who she was interviewing next and whether it would work out for her project. I can imagine that would have made her nervous but I like how it shows a true reflection on people’s connections throughout the world.”

It is the weekend on 31st July and before we celebrate the end of the month, let us check these posts out

What a Croatian Girl Reads shares this extract, “Ricky’s dad told us later, “That’s something we’re experimenting with. It’s called digital and we’re working on it with NASA. No-one knows about it yet.” Of course that meant nothing to us and then if I remember correctly, as we went out Ricky slipped one of the really little rocks into his pocket. Then we went home and played in the creek—I think we lost the rock.”

Book Read 2day was impressed, “Well I love surprises to see where an unique book will take me. As soon as I started reading I thought this just the kind of book that I’m going to love, because it’s fresh of the page, nothing like this book has ever been done before.”

Sunday 1st August and we see the new month in with these posts.

b for bookreview puts Lynn under the spotlight today, we learn who she would like to co-write a book with, who she would like to interview, how she comes up with a title for her books and much more…

Rachel Read It loved it, “I have to say that this is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking book which I have read this year.”

It’s 2nd August, it’s Monday and it’s the start of a new week!

Portable Magic shares this exclusive extract, “The child had some injuries but they weren’t life threatening so it was agreed that we would take the family and the child to the local hospital and would pay for any treatment that was needed. It made me reflect on the fact that as a twenty-one year old white person, I was saying, “We need to do the right thing.” But as a foreigner I knew nothing about how these things work.”

Fiction Book Reviews shares her thoughts, “It’s a nice, easy read that you can pick up and read a section at a time. If you love hearing about life in general then this is the perfect read for you. I found some of the interviews really fascinating and I learned a lot.”

Tuesday 3rd August is the penultimate day and we saw these posts to see us through

snowphiethebookworm  (IG) highly recommends this, “It is absolutely wonderfully written and is such a great book to read, it is one of the kinds of books that when you read it, really opens up your mind and has you thinking about new things and things in a different way.”

Tomes and Tales puts Lynn Farley-Rose in the spotlight as we learn how the idea of The Interview Chain came about, how much research she did on each interviewee, whether she would dip her toe into writing fiction books and much more…

4th August, well this can mean only one thing, and it’s always a sad day, it’s the final day 🙁

Portobello Book Blog shares these thoughts, “I found it a very uplifting read, seeing how good can come from negative situations. It is such a great idea for a book, a really absorbing read.”

Booklymatters shares this review, “The sharing of this incredibly diverse set of heart-wrenching stories and the glimpses provided into the worlds of those compelled to take action could not help but make me see the world differently and perhaps, as the author suggests, takes us all one step closer to making our world “a kinder and more connected place”.”

So what did we learn?

This is a fascinating look into other people’s lives. The stories in the chain are utterly compelling and make us look at the connections we make each day. This is book is a fresh experience in reading.

I know that from the extracts and reviews I have read I will be in total awe.

That is indeed a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part in the tour and share the posts.

The Interview Chain is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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