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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Delivery has sadly come to an end – what did we think?

Let us recap with these snippets

The tour kicked off on 8th July with these reviews,

Bookworm1346 (IG) loved this book, “This book is a special book that will stay with me for a long time.
The book wasn’t what I initially expected, but once I got into the book it was a real page turner. The writing is sublime and this is such an emotional book I would highly recommend this to any mother.”

Book Read 2day has this to say, “Delivery is a special book that will stay in memory forever. This author has now become one of favourite authors so much that I now I look forward to reading Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein ’s next novel.”

Happy FRI – 9th July – DAY, we saw the weekend coming with this author interview!

Portable Magic put Emanuela under the spotlight as we find out her inspiration behind Delivery, who she would want as the lead in the movie version and her favourite tv show…plus so much more…

It’s 10th July, it’s the weekend! But first, we will check this post out

b for bookreview shares this exclusive extract, “I thought that if I closed my eyes this day would vanish, as if it had never happened. The intense excitement, the hugs, the display of joy, Amir’s whispering into the phone, which I overheard from the porch, and an inexplicable anxiety, slowly materializing and turning into a physical stress that I couldn’t ignore—they would all fade away if I didn’t open my eyes.”

Sunday 11th July and we saw two different posts

Just Katherine enjoyed this book, “The characters are very well created and the pacing just threw me into the story and kept me there. Delivery is a real eye opener of a novel and is immersive.”

A Knight’s Reads shares this exclusive extract, “But most of the time, I don’t answer her calls. There is no point in long explanations, everything is clear. The thought of Daphne finding out about us almost makes me faint.

It’s a new week as the 12th July rolled, and we kicked the week off with this review

Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) shares her thoughts, “I feel that this is going to be a book that will stick in the memory for a while.”

The penultimate day, 13th July, saw this extract.

Jazzy Book Reviews shares this exclusive extract, “Obviously, but it’s not just about that. It’s a taste of the life you will never have: a romance with a woman you won’t live with, a body you won’t see age, family and friends you won’t meet. The enchantment is the risk; not the risk of getting caught, but that the person you are cheating with would turn out to be better than your partner. And this ongoing comparison—Daphne, are you crying? I can’t see in the dark, are you crying?”

It’s the final day, 14th July, sad times!

prdg reads posted a spotlight

Herding Cats shares this exclusive extract, “The dim light in the stairway and the heavy air made me nauseous. In a minute I would have stepped out to the street and never returned to the firm. But after a couple of minutes I stood up, tucked my shirt into my trousers, brushed off the dust and went down the stairs to my office, my heart tormented with pain and fury, as though fatherhood had been stolen from me.”

So what did we learn about this book?

This is a book that will stay with you. It’s haunting and an eye-opener. This is a book that has harsh realities but one that you will never forget!

Well, that is most certainly a wrap!

Delivery is out to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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