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What a quick 3 days that was! We have had quite a hot under the collar time on the Holding Out For A Hero book blitz!

Here is a recap!

It is a cloudy Tuesday 15th June, but by no means cold here….

Emma at EmmabBooks shares this steamy extract, “His mouth twitched. He was still kneeling between her legs. His hands brushed up her thighs, opening them again. ‘We need to discuss the payment,’ he said, pulling his gaze from between her legs to her face. ‘We haven’t finished the interview.’”

*Oh wow……….*

Els at b for Bookreview put TE under the spotlight with this interview, we check out her writing habits, would she be a baddie or a goodie, how she comes up with her awesome book covers and so much more

Alexsis at filmmoretimereading (IG) has an amazing giveaway on her spot until Saturday.. click her name for more details, but her is what you can win!!!

Apparently the hottest day of the year today, 16th June, and well it didn’t get any cooler here!

Katherine at Just Katherine shares this exclusive extract, “As she looked into those eyes, it really did feel as if his soul was enveloped in darkness. She waited for the feeling of intense terror that people were said to experience, but none came. Logic told her his venom could pierce through the windscreen and kill her where she sat, and she should be scared, yet scared wasn’t an adjective she could use.
She felt… electrified.”

*Women do love the dangerous, not human don’t they!*

Kate at Portable Magic puts TE under the spotlight with this interview, we check out the inspiration behind the book, who she wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with, her favourite colour and so much more

Donna at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) has this review for us, “The characters and stories are engrossing, and despite it being billed as sci-fi romance, it is so much more than that.”

*Glad you took a chance on Macy and her story!*

A cooler and thunder free morning on 17th June as we saw these posts hit,

LJ at Read and Rated shares this extract, “His beautiful face was in the shadows once more, and his reflective eyes glinted. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, and his eyes shut off as he turned and allowed the dark to swallow him up as he moved away and into the cave.”

*It is time for the emotional bit*

Jacque at The Pufflekitteh Reads has an exclusive extract, “As she came down from her high, Narcifer didn’t pull out of her immediately. He waited as Macy, panting and feeling stunned at the feelings rushing through her, lay limp against him.”

*Well that sure increased the temperature a bit in here*

Sue at Sue Loves to Read spotlighted the book for us

Nat at Nat’s Bookish Corner (FB) shares this exclusive extract, “The instant he touched her, her nerves became electrified, and the way he became still told her he’d felt the sensation as well. Macy wanted nothing more than to step into those big arms. Her brain was yelling caution, but everything else was submitting to this man-beast—this Jelvia.”

*Well I need to read this book…*

And that is a wrap!

You can buy the book on Amazon UK or Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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