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Well if I am writing this extremely late post it means that the blog tour for The C Word came to an end.

Let us recap with these snippets on how this book supports the #NHSTogether charity

We kicked the tour off on the 14th July, with these posts

Review at Zoe’s Book Nook “This is such a brilliant collection that everyone who loves crime/thrillers and horror should pick this treasure up today or ASAP!!!”

Review at Jen Med’s Book Reviews “The beauty of a short story collection is that you can dip in and out of it at will, slipping a story in during your lunch break at work, or whilst waiting for the dinner to cook. Of course, if you do the latter, make sure you set a timer so that you don’t burn it, as once you start on these stories, you might not want to stop.”

Review at A Knight’s Reads “Many of these short stories have very sinister ending, designed to make you think and freak you out! But each one leaves you to your own imagination as to what could happen next.”

Review at Portable Magic “Most of the stories fall within the crime and horror genres and there will definitely be plenty for you in The C Word if you enjoy this type of story. I enjoyed the inventive plots and twists throughout the collection.” 

Review at Pauine Render “With a wide variety of stories to delight, scare and thrill, and there’s something here for everyone.”

On 15th July, it was still a very busy with these posts!

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds “A flurry of excitement followed, as the group hunted down as many copies of the novel as they could find, old and new, each time discovering the same thing, that their wish had come true. Lolita now ended with the ursine sodomy of Nabokov’s nasty narrator.”

Review at Suze Reviews… “There is a huge of variety of subjects and styles – something for everyone. Many feature aspects of lockdown, or its consequences. Most of, but not all, the stories are crime, but there’s a sprinkling of horror and some tales I found hard to define.”

Review at Ceri’s Lil Blog “Overall, this is a great collection and I fully recommend it to fans of murder, mystery and mayhem. I need a lie down now to recover from the rollercoaster I’ve been on!”

Review at Books In My Opinion “There is certainly a mix of styles and themes in this book, You never know exactly what is coming next. Definitely a book you can dip in and out of or as a break from your usual read.”

It’s 16th July, FRI-YAY!!

Review at Jen Med’s Book Reviews (Mandie) “In real life I don’t like the truly horrific things and I won’t watch a scary movie but give me a book that has me going ewwww whilst also making me smile and I am all over it.”

Review at The Word is Out – Alyson’s Reviews (FB) “You’ll find haunted supermarkets, voodoo spells, horrible husbands, book clubs and twisted stalkers and killers. Something for everyone, in fact, whether you want a story of sweet revenge or to be scared off your seat!”

Review at The Crime Warp “A stellar cast of familiar (and some new to me) authors have penned a range of lockdown inspired tales. As an author myself, I find short stories the hardest to write and am always in awe of other authors skills in that department.”

17th July can mean only one thing, it’s the weekend!

Review at dds_book_reviews “There is something here for everyone, although all the stories have a crime related theme in some way. Horror, mystery, supernatural, thriller & gruesome”

Review at thickthighs_no_liesI found the writing styles, though different from story to story, very refreshing and I think I will definitely be dipping back in to reread these at different points.”

Review at Dr Alice Violett “While there’s an over-arching crime/supernatural theme, the stories differ in length, style and genre. As with all good short stories, for a few pages you’re transported to a different world and get to know all sorts of characters, good, bad and ugly, very quickly!”

Review at BookEatBook “They are entertaining and thought provoking but they say something of the way in which human life is unpredictable. Horrible things happen through death and loss and we often can do nothing about it.”

On Sunday 18th July, it means one thing, a rest day, so we caught up with these posts.

Review at On The Shelf Reviews “Another thing I love about an anthology like this is seeing what each other comes up with based on the same theme, it always amazes me how unique each story is.”

Review at Ginger Book Geek “I loved the fact that the authors wrote about subjects which weren’t always easy to read about but were and are topical to today.”

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) “Night Terrors was all our worst nightmares so cleverly written, if I heard heaving breathing and sounded like someone coming up the stairs, I think i would have a heartattack.”

Review at Books by Bindu “There is something for everyone in this collection – from the horror that creeps up the stairs to the haunted trolley! The story of the haunted trolley was the one which will stay in my mind for awhile as it was a) just random and b) very very touching. It highlights all the kindness and in a way solidarity which has emerged over the last year.”

It’s 19th July and we are seeing in the start of a new week with these posts.

Review at Thrill of the PageMy favorite story was The Haunted Trolley by Nick Jackson. It had the perfect amount of creepiness, mystery, and surprisingly a happy ending. I really enjoyed the characters and their quest to solve the mystery behind the squeaky trolley!”

Extract at b for bookreview ““I haven’t disappeared,” said the voice on the other end of the line. No hello, no introduction, nothing” – Sophie Hannah

Review at Jessica Belmont “Each story is so different and complex compared to the next, that it’s hard to choose favorites here. What I can say is, this is a talented group of authors who are able to do so much in a short story. It is so impressive to me how much can be accomplished in such a short amount of words.”

Review at The Book Magnet “Of course, some are darker than others but whether it gives you a gasp out loud or a goosebumpy surprise, I think every reader will find at least one favourite story that sticks with them”

20th July just means one thing….it’s the end of the tour!

Review at Novel Deelight “My personal favourites were written by Steve Mosby (delightfully dark), Sarah Hilary (probably the shortest one of the bunch but very memorable and also, it’s Sarah and she can do no wrong with me) and Nic Parker (actually rather disturbing and shocking but my warped sense of humour found it hilarious)”

Review at Bookworm1346 (IG) “It would be a perfect book to get any crime fan out of a reading slump. All of the short stories are fantastic and gripping. The only bad thing about this book is….I wanted more!”

Review at My Reading Corner  “all are excellent stories of varying length and on a variety of themes – whether it be supernatural, domestic noir, zombie apocalypse or just good old fashioned murder, most have a sting in the tale.”

Review at Rae Reads “The C Word has stories that touch on the darker side of things. Stories that will make you think and some that will leave you wanting more.”

Review at Sharon Beyond the Books “Every single story in this book is so different to the rest. The mix of the different genres brings a bit of everything and believe me there is something for everyone. I devoured this compilation in no time, the murder, mystery, crime and even the supernatural each take to the main stage at some point throughout.”

So what did we learn?

The most creepy short story was The Haunted Trolley, and this was also the favourite one. Also, that these stories are easy to dip in and out of and that they are perfect to get you out of a reading slump! Every story is different and will appeal to everyone. I am looking forward to reading the scary ones!

Well, I’m sold!

That is indeed a wrap!

The C Word is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US – 100% royalties will be donated to the #NHSTogether charity.

Until the next adventure xxx

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