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Another tour has finished and so we have the wrap up here, just for you. We are all about Club 27 today!

Let’s recap what happened on the tour and catch up with Mr Stone!

17th August and it all kicked off today!

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “This story is a brilliant blend of fact and fiction, of which Martin Tracey is an expert. Well-paced as the first one with twists and turns that kept me hanging on to every word.”

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG), “Another mixture of a book from Mr Tracey – smatterings of humour, lots of musical references, plenty of facts & a huge amount of conjecture.”

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG), “It is the type of book that when you start reading it , it wakes your brain up , gets all the cogs turning in your kind, which I’d something I love about this book it shows how well written it is when your brain is kept awake by in , absorbing everything happening and all the characters in the book.”

18th August

Review by Portable Magic, “There is an undercurrent of tension through the whole novel and I liked how it began to come together as it progressed. There are a few different strands to the plot and I found them all intriguing.”

19th August

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I really enjoyed this book. I liked Judd. Didn’t trust Ocran at all. I liked Phoenix and Neima. I’m looking forward to the next book.”

Review by Jay.rae.reads (IG), “The author mixes conspiracy theory with mystery, a lot of musical facts, and a splash of humor. I found this type of story very intriguing.”

20th August

Extract at b for bookreview, ““The 27 club. Someone is in grave danger and my uncle told me that if anyone can help them then you can. You prevented a celebrity from being killed before. Your experience and unconventional application of methods are second to none in helping the person in danger and ensuring that the 27 club doesn’t claim another victim.””

Extract at Bookshine and Readbows, “Behind her stood a man whose features could not be distinguished but he was clearly holding aloft an open umbrella. The photo had been taken at night time, and although it was dark, twenty-six-year-old Phoenix Easter’s bleached hair being in a state of dryness suggested that it hadn’t been raining…”

21st August

Review by Ginger Book Geek, “It didn’t take me long to get into ‘Club 27’. In fact by the time I got to the end of the first few pages, I knew that I was in for a treat and that I would find it extremely difficult to put the book to one side for any length of time.”

Extract at Books by Bindu, “Time being the essence, Phoenix saw no reason to distrust her boyfriend and relaxed further into the back seat of the car next to the seemingly hired bodyguard. It was a face she did not recognise and the bodyguard didn’t greet her with as much as a ‘hello’.””

22nd August

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “It was an easy read, and a very enjoyable one.”

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book, “This was an intriguing mystery surrounded by a real life conspiracy theory.”

23rd August and it’s a sad day as it’s the last day!

Review by The Magic of Wor(l)ds, “The book isn’t easy to put down as it’s fast-paced and gripping, something I thoroughly enjoy reading!”

Review by Pauline Render, “Yet again Martin Tracey has written a fantastic, truly page turning story. Judd is a flawed character but he’s the kind of man I would want with me if I was ever in trouble.”

Extract at Jazzy Book Reviews, “As the Governor spoke his words he turned to the door behind him, opened it and traded his exit for the entrance of a huge and familiar figure. Freeek moved slowly towards Judd grinning a manic grin through his overgrown beard.”

Review by lets_escape_with_books (IG), “I really liked how this book was sort of conspiracy theory and also a mystery too. I liked the twist and turns this book had and it certainly is a book that keeps you guessing.”

So what have we learned about Club 27?

Well, it is a book that plays on conspiracy theories with splashings of entertainment and thrills. You definitely won’t want to put this book down when you start reading it so block some time out! It is well-paced with humour peppered along the way and it is rather intriguing!!

Well, that is well and truly a wrap! Thank you to everyone who took part in the tour and who shared the posts too! Your support is amazing!

Club 27 is out now and available to buy at Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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