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This wrap up might be a bit long with how many posts from you amazing guys!!!

So let’s recap on both books!!!

17th August, it kicked off and the next 14 days are here!

Review by A Knight’s Reads (Ouija), – “Ouija is a totally chilling read that I devoured in a few hours. O’Farrell has got a brilliant balance of sinister elements that really packs a punch into the 150 pages without overdoing doing it. I sat with goosebumps all over and my hand over my mouth as the story climaxed.”

Review by It’s All About the Books (Camp Death), “It was just the perfect length and I loved how the tension and unease slowly built up through the story. I honestly thought I had an idea of what the conclusion would be but I honestly didn’t see THAT coming.”

Review by Hooked from Page One (Ouija), “Ouija is a very quick read and I think it would be perfect if you are looking for something chilling to read on Halloween. Although, it may keep you awake if you start reading late at night. This is the kind of book that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It still gives me chills thinking about it, even after I’ve read it.”

Review by Jazzy Book Reviews (Camp Death), “I found this to be an enjoyable horror novel. I really liked how easy it was to read, and how it all ended. I had my suspicions about certain things, and I’m glad I was right about at least one of them. This is a fun little horror novel that will appeal to fans of the genre.”

Review by Herding Cats (Ouija), “There is always a sense of malevolence and things lurking in shadows to keep the goosebumps raised and kept me on the edge of my seat. Using weather, mirrors, dark corners and items that play on many people’s fears adds a terrifying intensity to each setting and event.”

Review by Zoe’s Book Nook (Camp Death), “This book captures that rapturous essence of when I was younger and reading all those Point Horror books, which my sister kindly left out for me as well as R L Steins creations too.”

18th August

Review by Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB) (Ouija), “I loved this book! There’s some truly immersive writing here, a first class story, and more than a few goosebumps!”

Extract at (Camp Death), “She was acutely aware of her breathing again. Even with her hand still over her mouth it was so loud. Too loud. The beating of her heart was so hard she thought her T-shirt was moving with each beat.”

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) (Camp Death), “Well written with a complex but easy to follow plot that had me guessing, and wrongly, all the way through.”

Review by The CoyCaterpillar Reads (Ouija), “Ouija is edge of your seat and scarily good. O’Farrell has a honest and vibrant voice and provides a twisty sense of foreboding to her storytelling.”

Review by Zoe’s Book Nook (Ouija), “This has the feeling of a good horror movie with plenty of scares, bumps and chills that freeze the blood and makes your hair stand on end. I found myself unwilling to read this at night, where your imagination roams free and every shadow is a possible menace or ghostie.”

19th August

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) (Ouija), “It is hard to believe this is a debut book. It is dark and creepy and despite being a short read there’s a lot packed into it.”

b for bookreview (Ouija) puts Zoé under the spotlight as we learn who she would co-write a book with, who she would like to interview and how she came up with the title of her book plus much more

Review by Read, Write, Inspire (Camp Death), “Jim absolutely nailed it. There was tension from the get go, set with the prologue and throughout there was an air of mystery and secret.”

Extract at Just Katherine (Camp Death), ““Are you okay about… Kelly?” His mum asked carefully. Then she looked over at his dad. “I know how inseparable you two are!” His dad nodded in agreement. It seemed like news travelled fast. Suddenly the food became harder to swallow.”

Revuew by Nemesis Book Blog (Camp Death), “Well written and keeps you reading, I was hooked from the start and it didn’t take me long to get to the end.”

Review by Rajivs Reviews (Ouija), “The plot hooked me in from the synopsis itself, and I could not put it down. The author did a fantastic job in creating and maintaining the horror. I was at the edge of my seat as soon as the planchette moved in the Ouija Board.”

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book (Ouija), “The plot and setting are both brilliant, and there are some super creepy moments that will make your skin crawl. It’s a classically scary and creepy horror story that will ignite many a young adults love of horror, just the way Point Horror did for me.”

20th August

Review by Chloe’s Reading Room (Ouija), “I love a book that gives me chills and really creeps me out. Well Ouija is the perfect example of a book with all these things. But not only having the scary parts there are heart warming parts of friendships.”

Review by Grab This Book (Ouija), “As I tend to read at night I will confess Ouija had me nervously glancing into the dark corners of my room on more than one occasion. It’s a relatively quick read and the story zips along at a very satisfying pace which meant we got to the darker events pretty quickly.”

Review by Read and Reviewed (Ouija), “I liked the characters and there are some fantastic surprises as the story goes on. It was a great ending with possible space for more. I really recommend this and I think it’ll do well.”

Review by Jessica Belmont (Camp Death), “Fast-paced and intense, this story wraps you in and doesn’t let go. Novellas work when they immediately capture your attention, and that happens with Camp Death. I really enjoy how the back story is slowly uncovered. There is an air of creepiness that follows you through this book, which really allows the read to immerse themselves into the story. It was much more creepy for me because of this.”

Review by Just Katherine (Ouija), “Do not be fooled…this is a gripping book and once it has its hold it won’t let go. Each character is unique and well-fleshed-out. The settings are visual and the flow of the book is tight and entertaining from the first word to the last. What an excellent debut novel!”

Review by Rae Reads (Camp Death), “For me it provided a fun blast from the past and I loved that feeling. With teenage angst, dark tales around the campfire and mysterious disappearances. This all combined to provide an intriguing plot with dark secrets at its heart.”

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG) (Camp Death), “The book is brilliantly written with enough suspense , intrigue and mystery to keep you managing to find time to read more and more of it. I would highly recommend this book it is truly brilliant…and no I didn’t guess the ending of the book!”

21st August

Review by Between the Pages Book Club (Ouija), “From the first page I was hooked. A short, easy and fast paced read. Spooky. Scary. Dark. Disturbing. Heart pounding. Not one to read in the dark alone. This has put me off oujia boards for life, no thanks. Gripping. Thrilling. A page turner of a read.”

Review by Read and Reviewed (Camp Death), “I didn’t put this down as I was reading, because I wanted to know what would happen to everyone. I also loved the little nod to the other QMP books, that was really clever.”

Extract at (Ouija), “Where this was once a nice and bright welcoming space, it was now cold, stark and ominous. There weren’t even any spider webs. Maybe the spiders knew what roamed these corridors and stayed away.”

Review by Pauline Render (Ouija), “There was enough tension to keep me hooked and I enjoyed the way Zoe filled in the back story of what caused the horrors to occur in the first place.”

Review by Sharon Beyond The Books (Camp Death), “The story is one that had me intrigued all the way through, I was guessing all the time and I never got it right.”

22nd August

Review by Ginger Book Geek (Camp Death), “I found ‘Camp Death’ to be a gripping read, which kept me guessing and which kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.”

Extract at Ronnie Turner (Ouija), ““Fine, I will ask another question then. Is the-” However, that sentence never got finished as the planchette started to wobble.”

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG) (Ouija), “Oh I wish I could give this more than 5 out of 5, I absolutely loved reading this book!”

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds (Ouija), “the sounds of the arcade faded away as the wizard turned its head to look directly at him.

Tension is brewing
You will confront a new and old adversary
Those around you
Will mourn you
Time is running out for you

Review by Bookshine and Readbows (Ouija), “The result is a fun, easy horror read, that had me unable to stop turning pages, reading well into the night and then scaring myself silly when a moth dive-bombed me on a toilet break!”

23rd August

Review by Between the Pages Book Club (Camp Death), “Parts had me holding my breathe and turning the pages for fun. Thrilling. Suspense filled. Tense. Creepy. Scary. Spooky. Dark. Heart pounding read. Another not to read alone at night without the lights on.”

Review by Jen Med’s Book Reviews (Camp Death), “There is something else, a dark shadow, a creeping, stalking presence which can be felt throughout book and which helps to build the tension to a very surprising but fitting conclusion. You’ll feel a range of emotions as you read from amusement, to anger and back again, alongside the tension and suspense that will draw you to the edge of your seat on numerous occasions.”

Review by Portable Magic (Ouija), “It is hard to believe that this is the author’s debut novel. Ouija is perfectly paced and it’s extremely creepy. I don’t want to give away spoilers but I’m slightly worried about my morning shower tomorrow and I will never, ever sleep in a room with dolls in it!”

Review by Rajivs Reviews (Camp Death), ““Camp Death” is a thrilling young adult horror novel that makes you feel like watching a classic camp horror movie, but with a twist.”

Review by By The Letter Book Reviews (Ouija), “Ouija is the author’s debut novel and wow what a novel! It delivers on the scare factor and I literally couldn’t relax as, as soon as I did, something would happen that would literally have me jumping from where I was sat.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read (Camp Death), “Absolutely brilliant. I loved it. Had me guessing. Creepy and spooky. Great plot and characters.”

24th August

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG) (Ouija), “There are some intense moments & quite brutal descriptions but, remarkably, no clichés. The pace is maintained & the characters are well-drawn being believable & likeable.”

Review by On The Shelf Reviews (Camp Death), “Camp Death really grabbed me from that first chapter, with a pulse pounding start along with a sprinkling of intrigue in there too.”

Review by The Book Review Crew (Camp Death), “I think the author does a great job with the creepy, eerie vibe without making it too scary for an adolescent to read. And he really hit the nail on the head capturing the teen angst of romance and will they like me back.”

25th August

Review by It’s All About the Books (Ouija), “With great characters and setting, the story just flows. As I said the tension just builds, it’s dark and scary and you would never believe this was a debut.”

Review by Jessica Belmont (Ouija), “I liked getting to know these characters. It ramped up the scare factor for me. The writing is paced excellently, and adds to the scary element.”

Review by Pauline Render (Camp Death), “As ever, Jim manages to slowly crank the tension up and the way he writes pulls you deep into the story. It also deals with issues which are relevant to both young adults and older. I found Camp Death creepy with plenty of twists and turns, reading it in one day.”

Review by Portable Magic (Camp Death), “There are lots of twists and turns in Camp Death and I will admit that I was not prepared for the majority of them.”

26th August

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) (Camp Death), “The prologue draws you into sinister goings on, and this undercurrent is ever present throughout the book.”

Review by From Belgium With Book Love (Camp Death) “I had a great time with Camp Death. It’s short and sweet, very entertaining throughout and boy, what a wicked ending, I loved it when the venom is in the tail!”

Review by Sharon Beyond The Books (Ouija) “I was so creeped out I got goosebumps too! I have to admit that at one point someone knocked on the door and I jumped a mile!!”

Review by Suze Reviews… (Ouija) “I foolishly started it lying in my bed at night. I got to, I think, 17% of the way through when I knew I needed to read the rest in the daytime. Wuss.”

27th August

Review at Jazzy Book Reviews (Ouija) “There’s definitely a creepy, unsettling atmosphere to the story. I imagined this playing out as a movie, and it’s the type that I could see having lots of jump scares and anxiety-inducing moments of legitimate fear.”

Review at Jen Med’s Book Reviews (Ouija) “There is a tension between the friends and yet a closeness which has a really authentic vibe to it, but it is nothing compared to those creeping shadows, adrenalin pumping, shock moments that are dripped into the story.”

Review at On The Shelf Reviews  (Ouija) “Ouija is a short and spooky read that had me gripped from start to finish.”

Review at The Book Review Crew (Ouija) “This is not for the faint of heart, but a great YA horror novel that is creepy and eerie, while not too over the top for a younger audience. I wouldn’t have guessed this is a debut author and can’t wait to see what she does next and what comes next in this series of books.”

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds (Camp Death) “Amongst the wall of rock was a perfectly framed door. A door that was opened. And that’s when they saw it. Fur. Brown and animal like. They were not alone.

Review at Bookshine and Readbows (Camp Death) “Ody’s characterisations and the relationships between the characters work really well, and the plot is really well-written too and had me hooked from beginning to end.”

28th August

Review at Ginger Book Geek (Ouija) “Ouija’ is extremely well written. In fact I had trouble believing that this was the author’s debut novel as the writing style is so polished and confident.”

Review at Life’s A Book (Ouija) “If you love things like Final Destination and Scream, then you’ll love this! I thought I wouldn’t be scared of a horror book aimed at the youngsters but I have to say I have been keeping my toes under the covers at night and trying not to use the loo until morning! Haha!”

Review at Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB) (Camp Death) “This book has all the creeps, scares, and goosebumps I remember from reading Point Horror novels as a teen, and I loved it! Brilliant writing, excellent story, great characters… what more can you ask for?”

Review at dds_book_reviews (IG) (Camp Death) “The pace ramps up after these stories, with various teaser threads being dropped & the ‘campers’ splitting off into cliques. I’m not going to say anymore as it would be too easy to spoil the plot but suffice it to say, it’s a cracking read.”

Review at Nemesis Book Blog (Ouija) “I felt that this book is the author’s baby and that came across in the writing as well. It felt like she had fun writing it and I am waiting for the next book, although not very patiently, I need it!”

Review at Curled Up With A Good Book (Camp Death) “This is a classic horror story with a creepy ‘cabins in the woods’ setting and the legend of a monster who goes around ripping teenagers apart”

29th August

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) (Ouija) “My heart was pounding for ages and I couldn’t sleep! It also gave me goosebumps, for a book this is a very very rare occurrence.”

Review at Read, Write, Inspire (Ouija) “I absolutely loved the characters and how they interacted with each other. Zoe had a fantastic way of writing that gives you the chills you want when reading this sort of book.”

Review by From Belgium With Book Love (Ouija) “Ouija had all the classic horror elements and a few cultural references to boot, yet without ever discombobulating its reader.”

Review by Rachel Read It (Camp Death) “A subtle mix of genres and concepts, Camp Death is a great launch for Question Mark Press’ young adult reads, throwing back to summer camp tropes which have scared young and old alike, for decades.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read (Ouija) “Omg. Absolutely brilliant read. Creepy spooky and eerie. Great story and plot. And characters. I loved the cover too. This is zoes debut novel. And what a debut. I cannot highly recommend this book enough. It is a must read”

30th August – how are we at the final day!

Extract at b for bookreview (Camp Death) “They opened up the door and she stood there wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt, holding Ritchie’s T-shirt and looking worried. “Someone’s been in my room,” she said. “Yours too?” She nodded”

Review at Grab This Book (Camp Death) “This is classic horror fare and Jim Ody does a great job of keeping the tension and suspicion going through the story and I confess I did not see that ending coming!”

Review at Jen Med’s Book Reviews (Ouija) “This is the first book by the author, and I have to say that I am impressed. Zoe O’Farrell has captured the teenager’s attitudes and characters perfectly right down to the disagreements they have and the structure of how the group functions.”

Review by Herding Cats, (Camp Death) “I love horror that plays on the imagination. I’m not normally scared by things I can see but the chills are formed here from what we cannot see which certainly raised the goosebumps on my arms.”

Review at Crime Book Junkie (Ouija) “That’s a firm HELL YEAH from me! If you like unnerving, addictive, spine-tingling reads you’ll want to add Ouija to your TBR… just make sure you read it with the lights on!”

Review at Rachel Read It (Ouija) “With moments of terror that will leave you covered in goosebumps, this would be a perfect Halloween read, and I hope Zoe will be involved in further instalments of the Question Mark horror line!”

Review at Rae Reads (Ouija) “Ouija is a fabulous debut filled with a brilliant combination of chilling, tense and entertaining moments. I can’t wait to see what is coming next from Zoé-Lee O’Farrell. Whatever it is I’ll probably be left looking over my shoulder and wanting to keep the lights on!”

Review at The CoyCaterpillar Reads (Camp Death) “What I particularly enjoyed about this one was just how Jim Ody was able to transport me to the centre of the story, like in the middle of a perfect storm I anticipated the danger that would ensue.”

Gosh what a TOUR!!!

What did we learn about Camp Death?

It was an intense book from the get-go with a big sting in the tail and will leave you guessing and holding your breath. It perfectly captures the essence of Point Horror and it is a fun blast from the past feeling to have. You won’t be able to put the book down once you have started it.

What did we learn about Ouija?

This is a chilling debut that packs a lot of punch. It will give you goosebumps, want to sleep with the light on, not want to take shower or look at porcelain dolls again. It will keep you up at night with a sense of something lurking in the shadows. It is a classically scary story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I could go on all day!

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared all the posts!

Camp Death is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Ouija is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Well that is well and truly a wrap!

Until the next adventure xxx

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