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It is here, the wrap up time for The Grifter!!

Let us recap on how this tour went!

14th August and the tour kicked off!

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “An intriguing story that keeps you turning to pages just because you need to know if your guesses are correct, or not.”

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG), “This was such an exciting book to read it certainly kept hold of my attention all the way through it!”

Review by Ginger Book Geek, “I had to keep reading and the pages turned over that quickly that it was almost as if they were turning themselves.”

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “I think it’s fantastic when a prologue grips you and then when you instantly want to know more it throws you back to three months earlier as you meet the first chapter. The suspense instantly sucked me in.”

15th August

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “Really enjoyable read. I couldn’t put it down. James and Kent were both good characters.”

Extract at booksbehindthetitle, “I’ve never held a man hostage at knifepoint before. Haven’t killed a man, either. First time for everything, though, right? At least he doesn’t know that. As far as he knows, I’m Ronnie Kray reincarnate.”

After the Flow Press puts Ali Gunn in the spotlight as we find out her inspiration behind The Grifter, how she found it to co-write the book, who would she want to narrate The Grifter and so much more

16th August

Review by The Divine Writes, “I loved this book and how original it is….This is a brilliant story of revenge and retribution.”

Extract at From First Page to Last, “Couldn’t disagree with him there. I wouldn’t be his mate if he paid me. I met his stare as best I could. He towered over me, easily six foot tall. I used to be taller. Before the accident, anyway. Now I hobble along like Quasimodo. Ain’t easy to stand up straight on one leg.”

17th August

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “The Grifter is one of those special books, that just floors you, takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Review by Rachel Read It, “And the suspense keeps on building, and you want to keep on reading to find out just what happened, which exponentially increases at the same time as the past intertwines in ever decreasing circles to the denouement point, where you have to punch the air and basically say ‘HOLY SHIT WHAT THE WHAT?!’ Or, if you are not me, something more articulate.”

b for bookreview puts Sean in the spotlight as we find out who he would co-write a book with, who he would like to interview, how he comes up with the title for his books and so much more

18th August

Review by jay.rae.reads (IG), “The pacing in this book was also done very well. There was never a dull moment and yet at the same time it never felt rushed either.”

Extract at Portable Magic, “These were the danger zone. If I used one of his cards, I’d wind up on CCTV committing fraud. There were lots of bits of plastic tucked away in the folds. At the front were two debit cards, one which read Arbuthnot Latham and another for a bank I’d actually heard of.”

19th August

A Knight’s Reads puts Sean in the spotlight as we find out what book he is reading now, his work in progress and what his mastermind subject would be and so much more

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG), “The characterisations in this book are excellent.”

20th August and it is the final day 🙁

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG), “Holy Moly! What a superb book! The cover doesn’t really give much away, but once you start reading…Wow!”

Extract at Jazzy Book Reviews, “‘Thank you, thank you… But I think you know where I’m going with this story. My one million will make a difference. But if you follow the example of the children and form a line behind me and each of you donate, whether that’s a thousand pounds or a million, we can make a much bigger impact. And, if you do, the Haribo is on me.’ Another ripple of laughter ran around the room.”

Extract at Magic of Wor(l)ds, “Despite the wet, hard ground, despite losing fifty quid, I knew I was gonna sleep like a log. How could I not? For the first time since I lost my home, I had money. £1700 to help me get my life back. £1700 to fund my revenge.”

So what did we learn about The Grifter?

This is an exciting story that will keep you gripped throughout. It is an original story of revenge and retribution, one that is a special kind of book. Basically, Holy Moly just doesn’t cover it! Nor do many other words!

Well, that is well and truly a wrap! Thank you to everyone who took part and shared the posts!

The Grifter is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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