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I can only apologise for the lateness of this wrap-up – here it is!!

So let us recap with these highlights from the awesome blogger posts

Kicking off the tour on 9th August

Review by Jessica BelmontGuilt is my first read from Michelle Kidd and it was absolutely amazing! This is quite the thriller, that is gritty, fast-paced, and twisty. I am so impressed with the writing. I couldn’t put it down.”

The Magic of Wor(l)ds puts Michelle in the spotlight as we learn which author’s brain she would love to pick at, what her writing rituals are, what Michelle’s future plans are and so much more

Review by Fully Booked 2017Be warned. This is not a humdrum or cosy (in any shape or form) police procedural. There are descriptions of cruelty and malice which some readers may find difficult. This is however, a cleverly written – and sometimes painfully convincing –  crime novel which shines a light on the darker corners of the human psyche.”

Review by Book InspectorThe plot is pretty dark and messed up and has quite a lot of triggers to be aware of. I really liked all the twists and turns in this book, as well as the way the author was trying to manipulate the reader. My mind was constantly confused when it came to who the killer was.”

10th August

Review by The Word is Out (FB) “What a tremendous opening to a new series!! This story hits the ground running and the pace and tension simply don’t let up”

Review by Ginger Book Geek “For me, #Guilt is the true definition of an unputdownable, page turner of a read.”

Review by Hayley’s Book Room “Events are laid out at the right time so you’re not feeling as though the story is stilted, making the pace perfect. As the novel ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with DI Hardcastle, I’ll be seeking out the next in the series just to find out how it all pans out. A top-notch novel, Michelle Kidd.

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) “Brilliantly written I didn’t want to put this book down. But be aware; this is in no way a cosy police procedural.”

Review by Red Pillows “The book is well-written, gripping and fast-paced. Racing against the clock, the readers are plunged head first into a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat.”

11th August

Review by Feed The Crime “The author knows how to draw readers in and make them feel as if they know the characters.”

Review by thickthighs_no_lies (IG) “I found this a fast paced book and really enjoyed the back story of Nikki and what happened to her brother”

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) “I love Michelle’s writing, and was totally immersed in the story.”

12th August

Review by Portable Magic “Guilt is really fast paced and I loved how easily the author could switch between scenes and leave us hanging while we waited to return to the scene. It felt like I was watching a film or TV series and I was hooked. There are some scenes that show us a glimpse of the killer and I found these fascinating, if a little disturbing.

Extract at b for bookreviewDad unlocked the back bedroom earlier that morning when bringing in his breakfast of bread and water and had left it unlocked. It was a sign that he was, for now, forgiven. He’d spent only two nights in the back bedroom this time, which lightened his heart.”

Review by Bookworm Blogger “Without a doubt I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I read most of it in one sitting! It was fast paced, gritty and tense”

13th August

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books “A story full of twists, turns and red herrings that all had me guessing until all was revealed. Michelle has had the audacity to leave us with a teeny tiny cliffhanger, and THAT is going to have me asking her every week how book number two is coming along!”

Review by Cal Turner Guilt is a brilliant beginning to what I hope will be a long series of books. I love sinking my teeth into a brand new series and this one did not disappoint! With a tight plot and a shocking storyline that will get your heart racing, this is a book that kept me guessing from beginning to end.”

Review by Louise Mullins “Exceptionally well-written, pacy from the offset and filled with realistic characters. It’s not your average thriller either.”

14th August

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book “The storyline was fantastic. I was convinced I had a good idea of who the abductor was early on, but I was completely wrong! There are some brilliant twists in this that will keep you on your toes.”

Review by Katrina ReadsGuilt had me hooked, the suspense, the uncertainty, the twists! It is an absolutely heartwrenching story that kept me captivated and wanting to read on.”

Review by Stephen Writer “It delivers in terms of the plot and the unsettling atmosphere it generates, but its biggest asset is that it is character-driven”

15th August, it’s a sad day, it’s the final day!!

Review by Chicks, Rogues and Scandals Guilt is an amazing book, I enjoyed the fast-paced thrilling ride we are all taken on throughout the case to find the culprit. It’s Shocking, thrilling, exciting, eye-opening, gripping full of Guilt is compulsive reading, you want to hide behind the cushions and yet you can’t peel your eyes away from what is happening on the page, it’s quite addictive, I found myself reading pages at every opportunity unable to walk away for even a moment.”

Review by Run Away Irish Girl “Michelle is an excellent author who really put you into the story which was terrifying at times especially when you’re in the mind of the perpetrator. Sometimes she even makes you feel a little sorry for him because of his past which really plays with the theme of is a killer born or made which was awesome.”

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG) “Another new author for me & am I pleased I found her! I couldn’t put this book down, as a result I’m mentally worn out. I needed to know how it ended.”

Review by Bookworm1346 (IG) “The storyline was so good and gripping.The book was such a rollercoaster read and I cannot recommend this book enough.”

Phew what a tour! So what did we learn about Guilt

Quite simply this book is AMAZING! It is a gritty, fast-paced book but it is dark, so dark. It is a tremendous start to a new series, it is a page-turner and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The way this book has been written, it is like watching a tv series and will keep you hooked. There are so many calls for book 2 already!!

Wow!! Well this is well and truly a wrap!!

Guilt is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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