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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for The Reckoning has sadly come to an end – collective sigh.

But now, we get to relive the last 7 days here!!!

First day of the tour! It’s Sunny! It’s Monday 7th June and we are off!

Anne at Run Away Irish Girl shares this review, “I did enjoy this trilogy. I found this dystopian to be very very different and unique to a lot of the dystopian stories I have read before. I praise the authors imagination!”

*It definately stands out in your mind!*

Rae at Rae’s Reading Lounge has a review and excerpt for us! Her review first, “Noelle put us in a pinball machine and tossed us around as she played. I found myself irrationally angry with Matt. He was controlling and stifling. It’s no wonder Silver spent a lot of time with Eli. But this is the couple you want to pull together and work out to save the world.”

*Don’t you love a book that can make you shift your loyalty to characters*

And the extract, “His arms trap me. I fight against him, but I can’t move. Why can’t I move? I’m stronger than him. Panic runs through me, blurring my vision, making me pant and causing an excruciating pain to tighten in my chest. The black lightning bolts shoot everywhere, but Matt doesn’t cower away from them, even when they scorch his hair.”

*OMG!!!!!! What the hell, givev me the book now!*

Lindsey at A Rambling Reviewer recommends this book, “Once events gain momentum, you don’t have time to figure out what’s going on: the danger is here and it’s real. It made the character development more pronounced, although the tension may have benefitted from longer to build.”

*Now who doesn’t like a bit of danger…..*

The sun is still shining inside and outside, on Tuesday 8th June

Kimberly at My Bookish Bliss loved the final book in this trilogy, “Even though I spent most of the book being angry at Silver and Matt, the writing had me caught up in my emotions. For me, this is the mark of a remarkable novel. Marisa made me angry, then she made me cry, and finally, I felt joy. I had a fantastic time reading this series. So, it is my pleasure to award The Reckoning a full 5 out of 5 stars.

*STOP THE PRESS! It’s a HUGE 5* over here!*

Donna at Donnas Interviews Reviews and Giveaways (FB) says, “For a YA series this has been an eye-opener and full credit to Marisa for her incredible imagination in being able to bring the various elements to life.”

*Wht a twist on YA serieses.*

Happy Hump 9th June Day. Hope the sun is shining for you

Melissa at thebookcoverlover (IG) is emotional with this on “I am not ready to say goodbye to those characters. They were my friends, I lived a thousand lives with them, fought many battles… The series is over, and I am heartbroken.”

*I am right there with you on the emotion and heart break*

Els at bforbookreview put Marisa under the spotlight, we learn where Marisa likes to write, who should like to co-write with, how she comes up with the book titles and so much more

Nia at Novel Observation shares her views, “Noelle is skilled at writing emotion, and this novel is full of heart-wrenching and joyful moments in equal measure. Silver is an incredibly engaging protagonist; complex and wise, fierce and loyal, caring and selfless. However, her flaws and limitations are sensitively portrayed by Noelle – Silver is not just a heroine protecting her friends, she has constant battles within herself, facing demons that threaten to crush her.”

*Another fellow Silver fan right here!*

The sun is still shining here on Thursday 10th June, and these posts are in

Barb at The Reading Cafe was surprised at the end, “The Reckoning was a very well written, intense, violent and emotional story line that held my attention throughout.   Marisa Noelle did a fabulous job giving us an exciting story, wonderful heroine (I loved Silver, as she made a great heroine) and great secondary characters. The ending was exciting, wild and emotional and a fitting finale; though it was definitely a surprise epilogue.”

*Intrigued yet?*

Alicia at Featz Reviews is sad the series has ended, “This book is action-packed dystopian fiction. Which is normally my ideal genre. I was super sad once this book ended. I really enjoyed this three-part series. I am looking forward to seeing what else Marisa Noelle is going to do in the future. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dystopian fiction.”

*I am sad too,. Marisa has plenty of other books for us to read though – happy days!*

The gloomy weather outside isn’t going to ruin my mood as we have these fab posts here!

Stefanie at The Magic of Wor(l)ds puts Marisa under the spotlight, we learn how Marisa became an author, which fictional character she would have over for tea, and what her future plans are!

Noelle at Banshee Irish Horror Blog didn’t want this series to end, “I didn’t want the series to end, but the pace kept moving forward, bringing the series to a close. I could not have predicted the finale of The Reckoning and the series. I love not knowing where a story will go! Suffice to say, Sci-fi and experimentation feature strongly.”

*Don’t you just hate it when you want to take your time with a book but you end up reading it quickly!*

Saturday 12th June a sunny day saw these posts,

Hayley at Hayley Reviews10 shares this exclusive extract, “Turning to face the voice, rough, leathery skin sweeps past my cheek. I startle backward, looking for the attack. Ripping my glove from my hand, I ready my knife and my lightning power. But it’s just a bat. A lone bat getting an early start on the night’s hunt.Silver…”

*What is going on!!!*

Patrice at prdgreads has this exclusive extract, “With a rushing flurry of wings, more bats emerge. A handful to begin with, bringing the smell of death. Then a dozen more. Fifty. A hundred. Hundreds quickly become thousands.”

*More bats*

Kitiera at The Unsexy Occult says, “First and foremost, this is the best written of the trilogy, and the best written story I’ve read by the author so far.”

*What a way to start a review!*

13th June it is the FINAL day!!!! I mean what! How did that happen?

Liz at The Crime Warp put Marisa back under the spotlight, who would she cast in the movie (I LOVE both choices!), two things we didn’t know about her, and what the future holds.

Stephanie at Cover2CoverBlog was wowed at the end, “The ending was a slap in the face, in a good way. I did not see it coming and had an “Oh WOW!” reaction while I was reading. If you are looking for an action-packed, dystopian series, this is a great one to pick up.”

*Oooh now this is exciting to read!!!*

Jas at Jas Being Jas shares her thoughts, “In the third installment, what I appreciated most is that Silver gets help when she is overwhelmed and unable to manage her anxiety and emotions, and trauma from all the near death experiences and loss she suffers in the first two books. Because while giving kids strong characters is important, I also don’t want perfect, or unstoppable characters that no one can live up to either.”

*Who doesn’t love a strong role model*

And that is a wrap! It has flown by way too quickly!

You can buy it on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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