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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Her Sister’s Baby has sadly come to an end – collective sigh.

Instead, let us recap what has happened on the tour!

PUBLICATION Day today on 1st June and we celebrated with,

Kate at Portable Magic loved the way this book developed, “I went into this book knowing very little about it and with the way it began, I did not expect it to develop in the way it did! In spite of my surprise, I really enjoyed Her Sister’s Baby and found it easy to read and uplifting despite the tragic beginning. “

*Glad this was a book you could get behind*

Stefanie at The Magic of Wor(l)ds put Emma under the spotlight, find out which fictional character Emma would have round for tea, what rituals Emma has and much more!

Donna at Donnas Interviews Reviews and Giveaways (FB) says, “It is a really lovely book as a single woman working a high-demand, high-paying job in London is willing to drop everything and relocate to Brighton for a sister she hadn’t spoken to for years to bring up a tiny baby, for which she has no experience whatsoever”

*Babies are hard, and I have a feeling I might need tissues for this!*

It is a gorgeous sunny day on Tuesday 2nd June,

Kate at Everywhere and Nowhere has this exclusive extract for us today, “She looked back at the road. Christ! She hit the brakes as hard she could, instinctively yanking the steering wheel and swerving violently to avoid the black cat fleetingly registered in that sliver of a second, dead ahead in her path. Too much, too late. The car drove straight off the road and smashed into the barrier.”

 *Oh jeez! That is a snippet and a half!*

Anne at Run Away Irish Girl had a good time reading this, “This was a really nice short novella that also hit some very hard themes such as grief. This is a very fast paced read. I read it in one day. Right from the beginning I was immediately drawn into the story wanting to know what happens next.

*I do love a book that leaves you wanting more*

It’s a cooler Thursday 3rd June and today we were treated to

Zelda at Featz Reviews stepped out of her comfort zone, “I do not spend a lot of time with this genre and romance books are something I tend to steer clear of. Yet, I found this story engrossing and the romance side of the book was extremely light making it easy to focus on the other side of the story. Her Sister’s Baby proved to be an entertaining read.”

*Sounds like a winner to me!*

Els at b for bookreview has this exclusive extract, ““I’m a nurse calling from the Royal Sussex County Hospital.” A pause. “Your sister, Natasha, has been in a car accident.” Sophie felt herself take a sharp intake of breath, “Is she okay?” “I’m afraid not, she’s in a very serious condition.””

*OMG I need to know what is going on!*

It rained on Friday 4th June but here it was a sunny time,

Dawn at Dawn’s Book Reviews gave this 5 stars and a dare, “I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Bennet’s writing and her characters are realistic and solid. I dare you to read this without saying “Oh, Sophie” just once!”

*I will take that dare!*

Jo at Over the Rainbow Book Blog has this exclusive extract, ““Are you a friend of hers?” Sophie questioned. Was it her imagination, or was this guy being deliberately elusive? And why did he seem so fascinated with the screaming child in her arms? – his attention still hadn’t left her. “You could say that,” he answered after a pause. “I’m Samson. Alana’s father.””


It maybe gloomy outside but it is bright here on the 5th June,

Yesha at Books Teacups and Reviews shares an exclusive extract, “Sophie received at least some solace from the post-mortem results: Natasha hadn’t been drunk the night she died. Though Sophie now felt terribly guilty that she’d assumed alcohol had played a major part in what had happened. It turned out Natasha had swerved suddenly, presumably to avoid something. Her death had been a terrible accident.”

*I am feeling a bit emotional reading this!*

Cheryl at Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog has made me need the tissues, “It’s a contemporary romance read, a story of family and new beginnings. It’s a gentle story of grief and endurance, of putting your own needs aside to help someone who is vulnerable and alone. Bennet makes the sad seem doable, the tragic easy to overcome and obstacles less insurmountable.”

*Think I need to top up my box of tissues before reading this!*

Sunday 6th June and the sun is back! We also saw today,

Simon at Black Books Blog share an exclsuive extract, ““I can’t, it’s owned by the council. I’ve got to have it all cleared out in a couple of weeks. I guess I’ll go back to my flat in London, but I’m going to have to think about moving somewhere cheaper.” “Well…You could rent it out and move in with me,” said Samson simply.”

*Jaw dropping time*

Wendy at The Bashful Bookworm recommends this book, “I enjoyed this fast-paced read. It immediately grabs you and takes you on this journey with Sophie, as she has to figure out how to be a mother and learn to handle Alana’s father as well. These characters are well developed and I cared for all of them.”

*This is a journey I need to read.*

It is the final day on the tour, on Monday 7th June, but the sun is shining down on these posts

Claire at A Knight’s Reads puts Emma under the spotlight, we learn what Emma’s typical day is, what she is working on next and her Mastermind Subject

Sarah at Bookworm1346 (IG) is a fan, “It was full of emotions throughout and kept me intrigued. This book pulled on my heart strings. It left me with questions about my own actions in this scenario and what I would do.”

*I am definately going to need tissues.*

Sharon at Beyond the Books thought it packed a punch, “This book may only be a short one but it definitely hits you where Emma Bennett intended it to…right in the heart. A beautiful and gripping book that I sped through so quickly just because I needed to know the outcome.”

*2 boxes of tissues I think!!!!*

And that is a wrap! Don’t know about you but I enjoyed that, the time flies!

You can buy it on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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