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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Let Sleeping Murder Lie has sadly come to an end – did you solve the mystery?

Let us recap.

Rain rain go away, on the 12th July, we have a tour to kick off!!

The Crime Warp shares this extract, ““A woman was murdered there five years ago. No conviction, but ask most people here, and they will swear to one thing. It was Ben who killed his wife.””

Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) shares her thoughts, “Nice plot with enough red herrings to keep you guessing and one big plot twist nearing the end of the book.”

On The Shelf Reviews had this to say, “I feel the village atmosphere is really captured in this book, with petty rivalries, gossip and some outspoken characters.”

It’s a Tuesday, it’s the 13th July, and we have lots of posts!

The Word is Out – Alyson’s Reviews (FB) was engrossed with this book, “This is a warm and engrossing cosy story with a streak of romance running through it. The characters are well drawn and the plot well explained, making this a charming read suitable for all.”

From First Page to Last put Carmen under the spotlight as we find out the inspiration behind her book, what one question she would love to be asked and so much more

Chicks, Rogues and Scandals was charmed, “The plot is intriguing and charming, it’s a fabulous Sunday afternoon ‘whodunnit with an eclectic cast of characters and some wonderfully timed twists and false turns all of which keep you flicking through the pages.”

Happy Hump – 14th July – day! It can only mean one thing, more posts for you to read to get you through the week,

The Magic of Wor(l)ds has this exclusive extract, “Anyway, the cabin. I’m not going to trespass, I promise.”
“Because you want to see the owl.” She nodded. “The place has a bad reputation,” Ben said.”

Jazzy Book Reviews also has an extract, “Like Ben Dryden. Either she forgot about him or she found out more. If he was guilty, which seemed highly unlikely, considering the public information, she’d get the hell out of Dodge.”

Captured on Film is a new fan, “Part mystery. Part romance, Perfect setting. What is there not to like. Might have to investigate some of this authors earlier titles.”

For some 15th July means payday, but we have hit the jackpot here with these posts

Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) shares her thoughts, “I related to Eve and Ben, rooted for them but with just enough suspicion to wonder what the truth would be at the end.”

Cover2Cover Blog also had this to say, “I really liked Eve, she was funny, sneaky, and felt very normal. I really loved that she talked about Miss Marple – a beloved mystery heroine of mine.”

Between the Pages Book Club shares an exclusive extract, “That was two years ago. At least she’d found happiness, more than she could ever say about her marriage. A fierce draught made her shiver. Typical Ben, she thought, leaving a window open to make this icy place even more unbearable. That was her last conscious thought as a brick came down on her skull.”

Bookshine and Readbows was gripped, “This is a gripping, entertaining and very well-written story, ideal for any cosy mystery fans. I will definitely be checking out more from Carmen Radtke in future, and I would definitely LOVE this to turn into a long-running series.”

Happy FRI – 16th July – YAY, but before we celebrate the pre-weekend day, check these out,

b for bookreview put Carmen in the spotlight with this interview, where we learn who she would co-write a book with, who she would love to interview, how she picks her book covers and so much more

The Bashful Bookworm was intrigued, “This is an intriguing and delightful mystery that is a real page-turner. I immediately liked Eve and enjoyed her walks into the woods and her interactions with the quirky village characters. I found the mystery to be interesting and complex enough that it was not easy to figure out until the end.”

snowphiethebookworm (IG) thought this was brilliant, “It is brilliantly written by clearly a very talented author, the characters and setting are described so you can vividly see them in your imagination.”

Saturday 17th July kicked the weekend off with these posts,

Just Katherine shares this extract, “Eve pulled her hand out of the pocket and wiped her brow. The sunshine packed considerable heat in sheltered places. Nerves had nothing to do with her sweating.”

Rae Reads loves the romance, “The romance itself was a lovely addition. I thought the author created a great balance between the mystery and Eve making friendships. With the romance being a welcome side plot that brought an extra charm to the story.”

Sue Loves to Read enjoyed the book, “I did enjoy this book. I liked Eve Ben John Hayley Kim and Letty also Bella. I did have a rough idea who it was. Great story and plot.”

18th July means one thing, the last day of the tour 🙁

The Haphazardous Hippo is another intrigued reader, “The plot is intriguing and charming, it’s a fabulous Sunday afternoon ‘whodunnit with an eclectic cast of characters and some wonderfully timed twists.”

Read and Reviewed has this extract to share, “Ben’s stomach lurched. He had successfully stopped thinking about his wife for a long time, but since he met Eve, Donna popped up in his mind unbidden, and unwanted.

Nat’s Bookish Corner (FB) loves the twist and turns, “It is a cozy mystery set in an English Village. The setting is described beautifully with a good paced story.There was twists and turns to keep you interested all the way through until the end.”

So, what did we learn about this book?

Well, Ben may or may not have killed his ex-wife, that there is some romance and a nice mystery 😉 There is a great cast of characters that keeps you hooked throughout. And finally, Carmen has a lot of new fans!

Well that is most certainly a wrap

Let Sleeping Murder Lie is out now and available to buy at Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until next adventure xxx

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