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The house, for all of its solitude, seemed incredibly noisy

The Farmhouse, having stood against time and history for nearly 160 years in the Virginia countryside, was forgotten and abandoned until Kyle and Jenny Dowling moved in during the summer of 1972.

The Dowlings, married just a year, were struggling to repair their broken marriage. It was to be the perfect place, away from it all, to heal their relationship. Jenny would write and Kyle would tend to minor renovations. The rent was cheap.

The realtor warned them, however, against staying beyond the final days of fall.

Back in September, we dared to be scared at the Farmhouse, so were we?

The tour kicked off today – 23rd September

Extract at Bookmarks and Stages, “Haunted. Yes, haunted was the perfect description. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine the past, when wagons rolled and seclusion was necessary for survival at times.”

Review by Me And My Books, “The isolation of the farmhouse and the general run down and old decor certainly add to the story. The house is actually a character in its own right. I know if this was me, I wouldn’t agree to live here if my husband had suggested it.”

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “I love everything to do with southern style writing so this was bliss for me. This is a horror that will stay with me for a while.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “A story that builds the atmosphere really well and adds to it really well. The general creep out factor for me was pretty high as I could imagine being out in the sticks in an old house and being terrified of the noises and everything Jenny was dealing with. Not a place for me.”

Review by all_books_great_and_small (IG), “Spooky things keep happening and I found myself looking round the room as I listened to this tale unfold.”

24th September

Review by Jen Med’s Book Reviews, “I liked the mix of past and present as it helped set the scene and gave the book that extra dimension. With the tension and the ghostly vibes building slowly to its ultimate conclusion this is a book that will possibly leave the reader with definite chills at the end.”

Review by Bookshelves & Teacups, “Intriguing plot aside, this is an interesting book. It’s easy to sympathize with Jenny and care about her struggles”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook version. I listened to it in one sitting. Couldn’t switch it off. There was something about listening to it. Loved the story and characters. Eerie and creepy.”

25th September

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG), “I was really interested in learning about the history of the farmhouse too. I think my favourite part was the lady shop keeper 😳😳 thats all I will say on that matter!”

Review by ChaosHappinessBookMama, “I was granted an ebook and audiobook – I enjoyed the ebook much more than the audio. The narrator did a great job telling the story – though this is one of those stories are just better read, slowly, on a dark cold night.”

26th September

Extract at Jazzy Book Reviews, “A shuffling of steps could be heard. Jenny bit her lip as the steps appeared to be growing closer. She counted each step upon its approach until they paused for a brief moment before her. She swallowed a trickle of blood from her lower lip as the footsteps continued into the library.”

Review by Bonnie Reads And Writes, “Those characters that haunted me afterwards were supposed to do so, and although I don’t enjoy the creeped out feeling, I applaud the author for creating characters and a story that were so well done in the horror genre.”

Review by Read, Write, Inspire, “We uncover the history of the house and the previous occupants. All overlayed with a supernatural, eerie haze which perfectly lends itself to the present storyline.”

27th September

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “The writing is so beautiful and descriptive, that you can almost feel like you are walking the same hallways, feel the flickering of gas lamps and feel the icy draughts”

Review by Nemesis Book Blog, “Would I recommend it? Yes, I would as it was a fantastic little read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Am I going to tell you what sort of book it was, no I’m not”

28th September

Review by Morelli’s Reads, “I love the setting too! The farm house is so remote and I really enjoy how it fuelled Jenny’s writing and when she began to picture her heroine at the farmhouse you didn’t know if she was seeing her imagination play out in front of her or if she was seeing the images of lives lives long ago.”

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG), “Well written, the author took time at the start to set the scene with detailed descriptions of the house, I could almost see the rooms, and feel a shiver, as they walked around.”

Review by Tomes and Tales, “The overlapping of the main narrative, Jenny’s novel, and the actual happenings of over a century ago, keep the reader on edge about reality versus delusion, fact versus fiction.”

29th September and it’s the final day 🙁

Review by Portable Magic, “Stimson creates the creepy atmosphere wonderfully and I definitely felt on edge reading in the house on my own!”

b for bookreview put L.B in the spotlight as we learn when she prefers to write, her writing habits, whether she would be a goodie or a baddie and so much more

Review by penfoldlayla (IG), “Absolutely brilliant read, the author definitely has a knack for setting the creepy scene.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

The Farmhouse is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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