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They say the devil’s in the details… And I say, I most certainly am. 

After a near miss with a serial killer on a night out with her best friend Holly, Fae Wright found herself with a starring role in Holly’s subsequent bestselling memoir.

Now Fae has been unexpectedly hired by the Metropolitan Police to help solve the unsolvable. A string of murders across England are linked but what is the common thread?

With bodies piling up and constantly more questions than answers, Fae strives to connect the dots. Holly wrote all about Fae’s psychic instincts, so maybe she really does have the best chance of catching the killer. 

But someone is watching Fae very closely, and there may be more to this than Fae could ever have imagined…

17th September and we kicked off the tour!

Review by Jessica Belmont, “This is fast-paced a full of twists and turns. It was impossible to put down. I just needed to find out who the villain was, and how it would all come together. I was not disappointed in the least.”

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG), “Told from various POV, including the killer’s, the book moves on at a rapid rate. An extremely twisty read & I had no idea where it was going or the ultimate conclusion.

18th September

Review by prdg reads, “I loved this so much it had everything I loved in a thriller and more, I would highly recommend everyone picks this one up!”

19th September

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG), “Oh this book has everything you need in it to keep you hooked, it was very easy to devour this book , it is so hard to stop reading it , even when the book is finished you want more of it!”

Review by Books with Gina, “Catherine does a great job of weaving you into a plot that you think you know where it’s going before it throws a curveball at you and you’re left reeling from a the shock of a mini twist.”

20th September

Review by Lyndas_bookreviews (IG), “This is a good and original read.”

Review by Laughter and Thunderstorms, “Wowzers, if you want a fast paced book that will keep you on your toes then this is book is for you!!! Therefore no hints as to where this is going to go as I don’t want spoil it for you!”

21st September

Review by book_mouse2020 (IG), “The killers voice is suitably creepy. I found myself going through the characters trying to guess if one of them might be the murderer.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “A brilliant read. Read in one sitting. I loved Fae and Holly. They were my favourite characters.”

22nd September

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “A magnificently paced book that kept me in suspense. Told from multiple points of view which includes the killer we get to see what these characters are thinking, which is great for getting to know the particularly twisted ones especially.”

Review by chloejreads (IG), “I managed to read this book in one sitting! The writing had me drawn in right from the get go. It was a fast paced story that left me always wanting more.”

23rd September

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “The story flows along easily, switching between the investigation, the breathers, and the perpetrator. I really enjoyed this, and couldn’t put it down.”

Review by fantasybookcraz_mum (IG), “Really enjoyed the friendship between Fae and Holly. Brilliantly written and full of twists and turns. Definitely a must read.”

24th September

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG), “This book is a good easy read even with the subject matter I could not put it down and it has lots of twists and turns.”

Review by Rajivs Reviews, “Moreover, I enjoyed how the author switched perspectives and also gave the killer their dialogues. I loved the paragraphs where we see what the killer is thinking and plan their next move.”

25th September

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “This book is exciting, fast paced, thrilling, exceptionally well written and one that will keep you on your toes.”

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG), “Another fabulous book I’ve read this week. Gripping is an understatement. I absolutely loved how it was written!”

26th September

Review by lets_escape_with_books (IG), “This is a brilliant, keep you on the edge of your seat thriller. I didn’t at all guess anything, which is a nice change. The twists and turns were brilliant and I just had a blast with this book!”

Review by Pauline Render, “I found Instincts has many twists and it kept me hooked as I tried to work out who the killer was. If you enjoy your thrillers told from different points of view which leave you guessing right up until the end, then this is definitely one to read.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

Until the next adventure xxx

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