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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Oakwood Falls has sadly come to an end, so what did bloggers think?

Lets recap!

It is an office day for me on 30th June, but I checked these exclusive extracts first!

Erika at And On She Reads shares this extract, “Trying to suck the baby in, she waited while he parked the car and got out. Lifting herself up, she stepped out of the Astra with his help, put her arm around his neck and walked as fast as she could towards the trees…”

*Wowzers what an introduction to the book!*

Karen at Karen and Her Books (IG) shares this extract, “Her hot-headed husband glared at her. “There’s only one way you’re getting out, and that’s by jumping.” He stared ahead, a smile forming. “Well? Are you going, or staying? That’s what I thought; now shut up and let me think how I’m going to shake these arseholes.””

*Jeepers this is an intense day!*

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!!!!! It’s 1st July, it’s nearly the weekend, lets celebrate!

Mandie at Jen Med’s Book Reviews is back for another Brockwell read, “For me Oakwood Falls had a definite supernatural/horror vibe to it and at times the reader will see nature fighting back in a truly brutal way especially in the final chapters of the book where the fight takes on a more sinister path. There is also an element that will make the reader think as it highlights the devastation that people can do to nature no matter how they may believe that they are doing the best that they can, and I will certainly be watching my back the next time I go into the woods.”

*I think I will be too*

Pauline at Pauline Render (FB) highly recommends this book, “I can honestly say I have never read anything like this before and doubt I will in the future. This is an amazing book which will also have you thinking about the future of our planet. If you want a thrilling, nerve jangling book and don’t mind a few late nights ( I read it in two days), I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It can only be a five star read from me.”

*A thrilling book to make you think!!!*

Stefanie at The Magic of Wor(l)ds shares this exclusive extract, “Alan couldn’t breathe. “Help!” He tried shouting, desperate to escape, clutching at life as best he could. From deep within the earth below, a damp root emerged with five tentacle-like fingers. It latched onto his left hand and stretched his arm as far as it would go.”

*Anyone else holding their breath?*

It’s FRI- 2nd July – DAY, I can’t see the end of my garden due to the fog, but it’s clear what these posts are about

Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB) will be staying away from the woods, ““Oakwood Falls” is a fun and frantic horror novel that was a joy to read. If you like a plot that gets your heart thumping, characters that you can sympathise with (and some you can truly hate), and an atmosphere that leaves you chilled, then you shouldn’t miss this book. I, for one, will never look at trees the same way again and will be avoiding forests for a while!”

*Definitely my kind of book!! But will not read it by any trees*

Jazzy Book Reviews has an exclsuive extract for us, “Staring down at her, he went to grab her when a chunky bramble shot out from a bush and clutched his right wrist. “What the..?” He tried to rip himself free, but the tentacle coiled itself around him tighter, the thorns clawing into his flesh.”

*Ooh brutal*

It is the weekend, but before you start your day, let’s check in with these posts on 3rd July

Sue Loves to Read wants more, “Wow. This book was a brilliant read. I was unsure when I first started reading this but then I got Hooked. Great story and characters. Carrie was my favourite and Glenn. What a twist. Didn’t see that coming. I do hope there is more to come.”

*Wowzers, LOVE this review*

Nat’s Bookish Corner (FB) was intrigued, “The setting and premise of this book intrigued me and it kept me hooked from page one to the end.It had some twist and turns aswell which kept me hooked and wanting to see what happens.”

*Oh I love this!*

Last day of the weekend, so on the 4th July, Independence day, we visitied these ladies

Jessica Belmont knew she would enjoy this one, “There is a horror/supernatural vibe that lingers through this novel. I absolutely love the idea of nature fighting back. I found this entire concept so intriguing. I highly recommend giving this one a read!”

*If it’s recommended then I will read it*

Portable Magic put Duncan in the spotlight as we discover the inspiration behind Oakwood Falls, his favourite writers, favourite colour and so much more.

Penultimate 5th July day today, and we have more highlights on the book

b for bookreview puts Duncan under the spotlight as we learn his writing habits, if he would be a goodie or a baddie, how he comes up with the titles for his books and much more….

From First Page to Last shares this exclusive extract, “Carrie shielded her daughter from the onslaught. She looked up to find Tall Guy’s body limp. Disappointed, she smiled when a root shot up from the ground and wrapped itself around his waist. He woke up, trying to release the damp wood, with no luck.”

*Oh wow, this is dark!*

It’s the final day of the tour, and the weather is reflecting the mood on the 6th July

Donna’s Interviews Reviews and Giveaways (FB) – It is quite safe to say that all hell breaks loose. The action is insanely quick and brutal.There is a great twist at the end and it is set up nicely for a sequel. One I have been waiting for for some time.

Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) This is an amazing story, a fantasy about nature and a warning to the human race…Brockwell has a way of drawing you into his stories whether you want it or not! Such a clever storyteller.

booksbehindthetitle extract – Rat Man fared no better than Ant Man. With his legs encased in the rock hard mud, when the rats ran off, they left a half-eaten slab of bloody meat. He surprised her by begging for death. They ate his eyes. Carrie jumped when a branch swung through him, striking his neck. Rat Man’s head fell back and dropped to the earth.

And that is a wrap! What a tour!

Oakwood Fall is out now and available to buy – so go on! Buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx


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    That cover definitely grabs you. I read a couple of these excerpts and comments and although it sounds like a well written and gripping story, I’m not sure if it is for me or not. The Supernatural Horror comment is not my cup of tea.

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