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Amidst ancient stories of prowling werewolves, the Lunar Society would meet under the light of a full moon to change the face of industry and enlightenment forever. When the discovery of a human skeleton at one of their old haunts coincides with the disappearance of a talented female prodigy, Private investigator Judd Stone is certain that the two are connected.

Travelling as far afield as Prague and as close as his native city of Birmingham, Judd includes past life regressions in an attempt to unlock the explosive age-old mystery and rescue the missing girl.

With a cloud descending over the treasured legacy of the Lunar Society, Judd quickly finds himself embroiled in a shockingly dark underworld of organised crime. So dark in fact he will need a lot more than the light of a full moon to escape with his life.

In September, we took the last of our current outings with Judd Stone, how did things fare this time?

7th September and the tour kicked off!

Review by jay.rae.reads (IG), “Overall this series is a decent read and always very very unique.”

Review by Jazzy Book Reviews, “if you’re looking for a gripping, suspenseful, and slightly strange mystery/thriller novel, definitely check out Lunar.

8th September

Review bydds_book_reviews (IG), “The book opens with an explosive & dramatic scene; once you have caught your breath the pace does slow down to allow an intricate tale to be told.

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book, “One of things I absolutely love about Martin’s novels is that they’re based around real life things – this time the Lunar society and it was fascinating learning about them and the real people that were a part of it. It got me so intrigued I was googling to find out more!

9th September

Extract at b for bookreview, “The helmet was unusual with a flame emblazoned down either side of its shell and frustratingly it covered the facial features of the shooter. Nevertheless, Judd somehow connected with the hidden, cold stare that lay behind the visor, before another round of shots were fired which connected first with Crystal and then Brooke.

Review by Pauline Render, “I found myself immediately drawn into the story. Judd is an amazing character, full of flaws but undoubtedly a man who always wants and tries to do the right thing.

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I really enjoyed this book. I love Judd. Read in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down. 5*.

10th September

Extract at Books by Bindu, “Judd sat forward to accentuate his attention. “I’m all ears, Vina. But the discovery of this body isn’t exactly a King in a car park phenomenon as far as I can tell. Why does this particular find interest a cellist from Spain?” “Because I think the body could be me?”

Review byDash Fan Book Reviews, “There’s lots of juicy twists and exciting threads to this story. There’s lots going on and some pretty weird things happening that certainly got me intrigued. I’ve not read anything similar to this before.

11th September

Review by Ginger Book Geek, “I like the fact that Martin’s books are a bit different to the vast majority of crime fiction that I read. Martin’s books are different in the sense that they incorporate paranormal elements into the story too.

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “I will look forward to Judd’s next adventure. I really enjoy Martin’s writing style and he has become a must read author for me now

Review by QuirkyBookReads, “I would recommend reading Lunar to lovers of Detective Mysteries with a fantasy twist, as it is a action packed story that intertwines the past with the present and Judd follows his current case to fine the mystery behind a 18th century murder and also find answers behind a missing teenager…

12th September

Review by Portable Magic, “It quickly becomes clear that Judd finds himself in some dangerous situations throughout the course of his investigations. I was keen to see how he would handle this danger and ultimately get away from it and this leads to an intriguing and tense plot that kept me interested until the very end.

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “There are always humorous parts to the story. The gamblers FIGHT group is one such part. The members are definitely funny. They share a banter that makes you want them as your friends.

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG), “It’s the kind of book that you can’t quite guess what is going to happen next , which is perfect for me I love unpredictable books , keeps you clutch too the pages (kindle or earphones too ) keeps you desperate to know what is going to happen next

13th September and it’s the final day 🙁

Extract at Bookshine and Readbows, “Judd looked a little stunned. What on earth was the woman saying? How could the skeletal discovery have been Vina Moreno when she was sitting right in front of him?

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Lunar is out now and available to buy at Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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