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In a small northern town, girls are disappearing.

You won’t see it in the papers and the police aren’t taking any notice, but the clues are there if you know where to look.

Becca sees that something is wrong, but she’s been labelled ‘difficult’ thanks to her troubled past. So when a girl is so savagely beaten she can’t be identified, and Becca claims she knows who she is, no one will believe her.

With the police refusing to listen, Becca digs for evidence that will prove what she is saying. But her search for justice will put herself and those closest to her in danger – and once she finds the truth, will anyone even listen?

When everyone hides the truth, who do you turn to?

Becca’s had a hard time of it, but she has finally got her life together. She has a nice little flat, a steady job pulling pints, and she’s even seeing someone new: Andy, who keeps his private life to himself but is always good for a laugh. And then Andy vanishes. When his body turns up on isolated Sunk Island, Becca learns Andy wasn’t just another punter. He was a police officer, deep undercover, investigating a drugs ring that he believed operated out of Becca’s pub.

Staggered by the betrayal, Becca turns to the only person she thinks she can trust: her foster mum, Kay. But Kay has problems of her own. She’s just moved into a short-term let in the hopes of finding some peace and quiet. But peace and quiet are hard to come by on Sunk Island . . .Before long, both women are drawn into a terrifying world of drugs, money and death.

We saw September kick off with a double feature tour as we checked out Life Ruins and Someone Who Isn’t Me – How did we get on with Becca?

The tour kicked off today! 1st September

Jazzy Book Reviews puts Danuta in the spotlight as we learn which character she would have dinner with, what movie she would recommend, which famous people she has met and so much more

Review at twoladiesandabook (IG), (Life Ruins) “Wow!!! I don’t know where to start!. This is such a gripping book! Another one where your on the edge of your seat desperate to find out what will happen next!

Review at library_of_lucyg (IG) (Life Ruins) “This is a gripping, addictive, fast-paced thriller that I found hard to put down. Even though this is over 400 pages long, it doesn’t feel like it as I was captivated by the descriptive settings from very early on into the book.

2nd September

Extract at My Bookish Bliss (Life Ruins) “Kay returned to the news. There was more information about the girl now. It was an assault, and the girl had been hurt – badly hurt. Police described the attack as ‘sickening,’ strong language for people who grew all too familiar with the worst one person could do to another.

Review at dds_book_reviews (IG). (Life Ruins) “It is a tense & atmospheric read with quite a clever mystery element.”

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), (Life Ruins) “I loved this. Its going to be one of those rare books that sticks in my mind for a while.

Review at Portable Magic, (Life Ruins) “Towards the end of the novel, the tension increases massively and I was turning pages furiously trying to find out what would happen. I loved the way all the different elements of the story came together.

3rd September

b for bookreview puts Danuta in the spotlight as we learn where she prefers to write, who she would co-write a book with, how she comes up with the title for her books and so much more

Review by chapter1.page1 (IG) (Life Ruins) “Featuring well-drawn, relatable main characters, and some tense, nail-biting moments.

Review by Jess Bookish Life, (Life Ruins) “It was a fantastic start, meeting the characters and the entire scenery and the community portrayed in this story. It definitely gave a good context and setting. The characters and their interactions were great and I could understand them and even be very curious to learn more about them.

Review by Books by Bindu, “It was dark, taut and a nerve-wracking read that kept me gripped from start.

Review at Sue Loves to Read, “I really enjoyed this book. Becca and Kay were my favourite characters. I liked Jared. I wasn’t sure about Shawn Liam or Tez. Read in 2 days. Full of action.

4th September

Extract at My Bookish Bliss,(Someone Who Isn’t Me) “Becca’s voice in her head said, Yeah, right as Kay let her gaze travel across it, wondering which character he had in mind. Dracula? Frankenstein’s monster?” 

Extract atThe Magic of Wor(l)ds (Life Ruins) “He felt the precursor of the collapse as soil scattered onto his head and shoulders. Moving by instinct he freed his feet from the rungs and slid down the ladder, rubble from the roof cascading with him.

Review by The Divine Writes, (Life Ruins) “This is a gripping and gritty read.

Review by Lisa.loves.literature (Life Ruins) “…this novel oozes a bleak and dreary atmosphere that really adds to the gritty tension of the plot.

Review by Love to Read, Live to Read, “The plot itself was gripping and kept me engrossed to see how all of the threads would resolve and how it all connected. Some of the scenes set underground were really uncomfortable reading; as I mentioned above, I think the author did a great job with those scenes.

5th September

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book , (Life Ruins) “The investigation is fantastic though and it will keep you guessing as to who is involved. I didn’t guess until quite near the end!

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG), (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “It grabs you right from the first page. Well-written, with a tight & nerve-wracking plot but still giving the characters room to grow & tell their stories.

Review by Bookworm Blogger, (Life Ruins) “I loved the character development and felt the cave exploring in particular was well researched. The finale was dramatic and fast paced with twists and turns that I didn’t see coming

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG) (Sharon), (Life Ruins) “It will take you on a rollercoaster ride as you read this and follow the characters journey

6th September

Extract at b for bookreview, (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “Andy Yeatson was twenty-four, and he was becoming more and more certain that he was going to die. Tonight.

Review by Love to Read, Live to Read, (Someone Who Isn’t Me), “There’s a darkness to these stories and I can’t remember the last time I read a book (other than Life Ruins obviously) with a main character like Becca.

Review by Jessica Belmont, (Life Ruins) “The writing gives us a sense of place. I was thoroughly wrapped up in the story, because it was easy to visualize what was happening. I liked this one a lot and would recommend it.

Review by Jessica Belmont, (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “Crime and mystery, Someone Who Isn’t Me had me hooked from page one. I really enjoyed the writing and would recommend this one.

7th September

Review by The Divine Writes, (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “the author has written a gripping thriller that concentrates on how hard life can be for people, that have no choices or no perceived choices.

Review byDonna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “It’s another full on action story, and once you get going you won’t want to stop reading.

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books (Life Ruins) “This is a slow burner of a book but as the build-up begins to get to the crescendo, there are criminal gangs, car chases and attempted murder that all serve to keep me hanging on to every word that Danuta Kot wrote.

Review by Ginger Book Geek (Life Ruins) “I felt as though I was part of the story and that’s thanks to Danuta’s very vivid and realistic storytelling.

8th September

Extract at Jazzy Book Reviews (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “She used her hands on the table to push herself to her feet. She was tired, she’d been deeply asleep and when you were woken up suddenly it was easy to mistake… The breath stopped in her throat. They were back, the footsteps.

Review by chapter1.page1 (IG) (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “It gripped me from the beginning and I was absorbed in the atmospheric, character-driven story right until the end.

Extract at Dash Fan Book Reviews (Life Ruins) “She closed her eyes and breathed deeply and slowly. It wasn’t anger she was feeling – she knew that now. It was terror. Matt was already gone. If Kay died, she’d be alone…

Review by Portable Magic (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “I wanted to know the answers to these questions and kept turning pages as Becca found herself deeper inside the web. As the story progresses, there are several unusual turns of events and I wanted to know the reasons behind it all.

Extract at The Pufflekitteh Reads (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “Be careful what you wish for… She hadn’t wanted this one. None of them did. A murder, and the victim was one of them, her colleague, who had fast been becoming her friend, Andy Yeatson.

9th September

Review by Curled Up With A Good Book (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “So overall, another great crime thriller from Danuta, full of suspense that will keep you turning the pages. I’m looking forward to the next one

Review by Jess Bookish Life (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “it was enjoyable, and it hit the right spots for me in terms of the story and with each page I was intrigued by the characters

Review by Books by Bindu, (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “I found that this was compulsive listening, an intelligent and well-paced narrative that dealt with some strong themes! I just want to know what is going to happen to Becca next – please say another book is coming?!

Review by Quirky Book Reads, (Life Ruins) “Life Ruins is a detailed fast paced story that is well thought out the reader is hooked into the action straight away… I like how Kot has created an interesting, action packed plot with the use of description to create a engaging atmosphere!

Review by Ginger Book Geek (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “I love the way in which Danuta makes the reader feel as though they are part of the story themselves and at the heart of the action so to speak.

10th September and it’s the final day 🙁

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds, (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “Footsteps. Outside. She could hear them clearly, faint but getting louder as they came closer. Coming straight towards the back door. Kay froze, her heart hammering. Her gaze locked on the door handle. Could she see it… was it moving, or was she…?

Review by library_of_lucyg (IG) (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “I am so glad I got to review this shortly after reading Life Ruins, as the characters were still fresh in my mind. I have to admit, I actually think this is the best one I have read by Danica Kot so far.

Review by Sue Loves to Read (Someone Who Isn’t Me) “I couldn’t put it down. Read in one sitting. Kot has delivered again. I do hope there is more to come from Becca and Kay.

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Life Ruins is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Someone One Who Isn’t Me is also out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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