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Well if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for Comatose has sadly come to an end – collective sigh.

Instead, let us recap what has happened on the tour!

It was a blue 17th May Monday morning but we were treated to these posts

Yvonne at Me and My Books shared her thoughts, “I really enjoyed this book and I did like the full-on intense investigation. police procedural with a strong mystery to it and one that I found very difficult to put down. It is one I would recommend.”

*We start the day with a recommmendation!!*

Kerry at Herding Cats shared this extract, “‘We’re going to stabilise the car first,’ the fireman said. Then we have to get the metal cutters. You’ll hear a noise, it’s a horrible screeching but it won’t last long.’ Still no response. ‘You’ll be fine, love. I promise. We’ll get you out.’”

*This souunds horribly intense!!*

Sarah at Lost in the Land of Books gives nothing away with this review, “Comatose is very cleverly written with a cracking storyline that contains plenty of twists and turns. With short chapters that certainly pack a punch. It keeps you engaged and wanting to read more.”

*What a way to finish day 1! Punches, twists and wants more!*

On a sunny Tuesday 18th May morning we stopped by to see

Liz at The Crime Warp, where she grilled Jane, find out who she is and what is in store in the future!

Kate at Portable Magic was also here sharing her thoughts, “I love a novel with lots of twists and turns and Comatose has lots of them that kept me guessing until the end!”

*We are back with those twists and turns again!*

Happy Hump, 19th May, Day. Getting us through the day are,

Lisa at Read and Rated loved the writing style, as she says, “The book was a complex delight from start to finish, the police team was made up of varied and individual characters – none of them seemed to fit the standard mould for ‘crime thriller copper’ which made for interesting reading.”

*Don’t you just love a book that does not fit the mould!*

Lynda at Lyndas_bookreviews (IG) has these words for us, “This author really has a way with words, realistic, and at times in local dialect, this is fast paced and full of twists and turns. Just when you think you have figured it out something else pops up and you have to rethink it.”

*We are back with those twists and turns again!*

On Thursday 20th May, we travelled the world and stopped by

Els at b for bookreview, who had this exclusive extract, here’s a snippet, “What a girl! They could almost be twins. Except, he estimated, he was a good six inches taller. He couldn’t help but give her a cheesy grin. It stopped her in her tracks.”

*Interesting little snippet here*

Zelda at Featz Reviews is another one who thinks this book is twisty! “Comatose tells a brilliantly crafty story that is packed with twists and turns. I read this book in two sittings and found that I had to stay focused. Every page brings something new which makes for an interesting read but also leaves you a little exhausted by the time you are done. Reading this book was like spending time with my ADHD daughter – it is extremely busy! Yet, the story was gripping and I was eager to keep reading to see what surprise the next page was going to bring.

*My head is spinning just reading that!!*

Happy FRI – 21st May – YAY! We had these reviews!

Claire at The Book End Reviews (IG) recommends this book, “Ooh, this was an addictive read. Fast paced and full of twists and turns. I really enjoyed reading about this new detective team. I hope we get to see more of them.”

*Another person to think Comatose is twisty!!*

Amanda at Ginger Book Geek is a new fan of Jane’s, “Comatose’ is extremely well written. Jane certainly knows how to grab your attention and draw you into what proves to be one hell of a story and then some. For me, the story hit the ground running and maintained a fairly fast pace throughout.”

*A new fan and loves the fast paced action!!*

On a rainy Saturday 22nd May morning we were treated to these posts

Stefanie at The Magic of Wor(l)ds shared this extract, “Karen was beginning to cave. ‘And don’t you DARE even think about that!’ he added, pointing his finger straight at her, searching her face for signs of tears. ‘I know you think you’ve got something to prove, especially since… but you’ve got to stop imagining crimes where there aren’t any.’

*Ooh this sounds intense! I need to know what happens next*

Sunday 23rd May we said farewell to the tour but not the book!

Lorna at On the Shelf Reviews shares this exclusive extract, “Macy could pick out a Triumph Herald on a cold night in the fog, but she saw nothing remotely resembling one. She checked the picture on her phone and tried to work out exactly where it had been taken. She could make out the edge of the cabin office from the picture and quickly took another photo from the same angle for comparison.

*A Triumph Herald oh yes please!*

Sarah at Bookworm1346 (IG) shared these thoughts, “I am a huge fan of police procedurals. There are some really good police procedurals out there and this is up there I love meeting a new detective and seeing how they solve the case!”

*Wow its up there with the best! How amazing is this!*

Sharon at Sharon Beyond the Books is another new reader of Jane’s, she says, “‘Comatose’ by Jane Badrock is a police procedural that keeps you on your toes. I have never read anything by Jane Badrock before so I had absolutely no expectations as I sat down with my kindle and opened the book. I am happy to say I couldn’t tear myself away from it until I literally almost starved my youngest!”

*Hope you fed the little one in the end! LOL*

Donna at Donna’s Reviews, Interviews and Giveaways (FB) is a big fan, she says, “The book kept me guessing all the way to the end. i had no idea who was guilty of what. i had my suspicions, i don’t think a single one of them proved correct.”


And that is a wrap! What a week it has been

If you wanted to buy it, here the link to the book – Amazon UK

COMATOSE…and her nightmare is just beginning.

Two car crashes, one location, one survivor.

Newly promoted DS Karen Thorpe is determined to prove these are no accidents. But the only witness is in a coma.

Now there’s a rapist on the loose.

Karen’s in the fight of her life… and her boss isn’t on her side.

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