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Starting Soon – The Eighth Deity and Brotherhood of Apep by Glennis Goodwin #GlennisGoodwin @BlossomSpring3 #TheEighthDeity #BrotherhoodofApep #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 20th September for 12 days, we are touring with The Eighth Deity and Brotherhood of Apep by Glennis Goodwin

Publication Day: 5th October 22

Published by Blossom Spring Publishing

Someone is collecting the Deities of the Primordial Chaos which the Great Gods divided at the beginning of time!

And when Amaunet, the Eighth Deity, and Icon of the people of the Southern Valley is stolen, the once golden City of The Vallenti is plunged into the depths of winter. Malian, a simple Altar Tender, is tasked by the Gods to reclaim her and travel north in his search.

Taking with him those that have come forward in his aid, they set off through the snow-covered valley unaware of the undertaking that lies ahead of them on their journey. For the dangers of The Duat andthe Realm of the Dead awaits.

The puzzle of The Seven Gates is just one of the perils they must overcome.

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Publication Day: 18th April 23

Published by Blossom Spring Publishing

Following on from “The Eighth Deity,” the continuing tale of Malian, the altar tender takes you north to where Serdos, High Priest of the Brotherhood of Apep, is gathering his men at the High City.

Here he awaits the last Icon Amaunet. Once in place, she unites the Eight Deities of the elemental waters, and Apep, the snake god, can be summoned to rise up and unleash the discord of past times, and once again, chaos shall reign.

However, unknown to Serdos, the great gods have intervened in the fight against the coming disorder.

Amaunet now sits protected, and Malian and his friends are free to journey northward and keep their pledges to each other unaware of the crisis that awaits them.

See you on tour!


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