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Starting 23rd October for 7 days, we are touring with The Soulmate by Iain Maitland and you can find out more by signing up below!

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Publication Day: 15th October 23 by Inkubator Books 

Everyone has a soulmate. Sharon just found hers.

Sharon Meyer is terribly lonely. She spends her days walking by the sea, watching afternoon television and reading. She hates how small her life has become.

Then, a chance meeting with the cool and sophisticated Pippa, and Sharon knows she will be alone no more. Because she feels it in her bones – she and Pippa are destined to be best friends. Maybe even soulmates.

And it seems she’s right. Soon she and Pippa are having coffee, meeting for lunch in town, and there is even talk of weekends away and holidays. It’s wonderful.

But there is a problem. Pippa is married to Peter and they have a son, Dominic. Which means Sharon can only see Pippa when she has time off from her busy family life.

Sharon isn’t big on sharing. And she starts to think that maybe there’s a way she can have Pippa all to herself…

How far is Sharon willing to go to get what she wants?

And will Pippa discover the horrifying truth about her new friend before it’s too late?

Hope to see you on tour


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