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Starting Soon – Song For Someone and Christmas at Saporis by KD Sherrinford @KDSherrinford #SongForSomeone #ChristmasAtTheSaporis #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 25th September for 5 days, we are touring with Song For Someone and Christmas at Saporis by KD Sherrinford

Publication Day: 21st November 2022

Published by: Extasy Books Inc

Charlotte Sapori has led a wonderful life safely tucked in the bosom of her family. Her mother, Irene Adler, is a renowned opera singer, while her father, Lucca Sapori, does important government work that frequently takes him away from them. Charlotte is close to her older brother, Nicco, and they are both doted on by their parents. All is well until her mother receives an unexpected diagnosis which shakes the family’s core.

Knowing herself to be dying, Adler confesses to Charlotte things that have long been kept from her, telling her to find and read her diary. A distressed Lucca Sapori tells his daughter to read his as well. And by the way, Lucca Sapori is not his real name; in fact, she may have heard of him; he is actually the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Charlotte finds both diaries and plunges into the hidden world of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes as she discovers what brought them together and how they managed to stay together for thirty years, having to battle the odds.

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Publication Day: 27th December 2022

Published by: Extasy Books Inc

What will the Saporis find under the tree this year—Christmas presents, or family skeletons?

In the spirit of the holiday and a wish for familial harmony, Irene Adler persuades her detective husband to invite his brother Mycroft to Christmas luncheon. Holmes had cut ties with his brother when he discovered the machinations Mycroft employed that drove Sherlock and Adler apart for four years. He isn’t really sure this reunion is a great idea, but he can deny his wife nothing.

Of course, they can’t tell the children what Mycroft is to them, as that would entail learning that their father is the celebrated detective when they know him simply as Lucca Sapori. And just when they think things may be going better than expected, ghosts of the past crop up in unexpected ways and threaten to ruin the holidays for everyone.

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