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Starting Soon – A Summer Changes Everything By Isabelle Grace #IsabelleGrace @InkubatorBooks #ASummerChangesEverything #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 20th March for 7 days, we are touring with A Summer Changes Everything By Isabelle Grace

Publication Day: 12th March 2023 by Rosewood Books

When his wife died, Reese was sure he’d never love again. Then he met Shelby.
Widowed horse and cattle farmer Reese Blackwood does not need a keeper. Not for himself or his two sons. They can manage just fine on their own. At least that’s what he keeps telling everybody, especially himself. 

Elementary school teacher Shelby Corbett is no pushover. Just ask anyone who has seen how easily she handles a classroom full of boisterous kids.  So spending the summer break looking after Reese’s two energetic boys is totally within her wheelhouse. 

Which shocks Reese completely. 

That’s only the first surprise, though. The second is the undeniable attraction that sparks between them. An attraction that’s totally unexpected but becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. As she helps Reese reconnect with his boys, Shelby shines a light into his dark and lonely world, bringing hope to his broken and grieving heart. 

Hope that Reese fears will be lost again when Shelby’s six-week stay at Lone Oaks is over.
Unless he’s willing to risk everything by asking her to stay. 

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Hopefully, we will see you on the tour!


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