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Starting Soon – Creatures of Chaos by Ashley Brandt @BrandtB95480105 @BlossomSpring3 #CreaturesOfChaos #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 26th April for 7 days, we are touring with Creatures of Chaos by Ashley Brandt

Publication Day: 9th March 2023 by Blossom Spring Publishing

Life in Justice-Peace just got a little more interesting.

Casey Allen has a green thumb. Max Kinkaid is the high school football star. Debbie’s in a band. Parker is a serial-dater, and Finch is the science- whiz turned prankster. When these unlikely friends are forced to collaborate on a group project, they discover their talents go beyond their high school personas.

Casey can call the plants, growing and twisting them to her satisfaction. Nicholas Finch commands the animals, and Parker Watts can summon the fiercest of storms. Max Kinkaid has dominion over the four winds, and Debbie Fairfield can rock your world, literally!

Are these five an evolved species of human or the legacies of the gods?

Hunted by greedy scientists, these clever teens combine their extraordinary gifts to gain their freedom…but it will cost them the only lives they’ve ever known!

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Hopefully, we will see you on the tour!


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