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Starting Soon – Expectations by B. Hayes @OutdoorHaze @AestheticPress1 #Expectations #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 13th June for 5 days, we are touring with Expectations by B. Hayes

Publication Day: 13th June 2023 by Aesthetic Press

Chris, Jamie, and Dale have largely kept to themselves since starting school. 

High school isn’t the high- point of their lives; it’s a stepping stone. Through their time in school they’ve each found what they enjoy doing but largely they have been on their own.

From freshman year on they depended on each other to find their way through everything that makes school hard. Now, as soon to be graduating seniors, things are changing, and the group dynamic has shifted. 

Jamie and Dale have found each other, and Chris is left to find his way. Ultimately, the path each is called to hinges on the expectations they have for themselves, each other, and the world around them. 

For Jamie and Dale, it’s what it means to be a couple. 
For Chris, it means something much darker, intriguing and ultimately violent.

See you on tour


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