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Starting Soon – Eazee Life by Billie Hill @hilly_barmby #EazeeLife #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 2nd October for 7 days, we are touring with Eazee Life by Billie Hill

Publication Day: 20th September 2023
Published by: SpellBound Books

What is it that makes you human?
The ability to pass your genes on into the future?
Or maybe it’s how rich you are.
Could it be the fact that you were born and have the right to a soul? 

But what about Benedict? 
A clone. 
Not born but grown in a tank to fulfil a purpose not his own? 
Is it his capacity to care, to love that will make him human?

2123. How the world has changed from the before time. Genetically modified corn, spread across the world by powerful companies and meant to save mankind from famine, ultimately condemns it to infertility and the spectre of annihilation. Hydraulic fracking has laid most of the Sovereign State of England to waste.

But this is a world where if you are rich enough you can have your twisted genes modified which gives you the right to a life of pampered luxury.
The poor, unable to afford the ‘procedure’ are viewed as wastes .

It’s a sweet life for a zenith breeder like seventeen year old Benny Blackwood, whose father’s extensive fracking has caused the air and water to become contaminated. Terrified of his own contamination, his father Charles builds a great Pod to keep his family and the most wealthy safe.

The NON breeders like Indian girl Ketty, her black friend Tish and her older brother Cody must live on the edge, hungry and persecuted in Zones outside the Pod, surviving through the always winter.

How can they escape the path laid out for them? Their only hope is to join the Macchia, the only resistance to the government.
The route out of the Zone is fraught with dangers, especially as they’ve made a serious enemy of Benny.

Eazee Life is the first book in the Eazee Life Trilogy

See you on tour!


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