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*New Tour* – Indelibly Yours by Monica Myers @mmyersauthor @InkubatorBooks #IndeliblyYours #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 7th March for 7 days, we are touring with Indelibly Yours by Monica Myers and you can sign up here to take part!

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Publication Day: 26th February 2023 by Rosewood Books

He tattoos her skin; she gets under his. Can these two ever find something permanent together?
Joel’s got the whole “gruff Viking pirate” thing nailed, with his somewhat-cranky attitude and a body that’s a living billboard for his arty tattoo studio.
But underneath the bad boy façade, he harbors a devotion to his adopted family that’s as true blue as his deepest indigo inks. All he wants is to make his business a success so that his people will be proud of him.
When his planned expansion is thwarted, Joel can’t help holding a grudge against the woman who stole his perfect location, no matter how enticingly adorable Olivia’s mussed hair and bunny slippers are.
For her part, Olivia has no idea she’s coming across as “bed-rumpled sex goddess” rather than “sleep-interrupted, perpetually frazzled single mom,” but either way her skin prickles the first time she meets the presumptive, cocky Joel.
She’s dreamed of meeting a Mr. Nice Guy to offer her and her daughter Abby some stability, and while she knows she shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or a man by his ink, in this case), nothing about Joel screams “smooth sailing ahead.” So why then is she so drawn to him?

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Hopefully, we will see you on the tour!


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