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*New Tour* – Dear Diary, it’s Me by Lucinda Lamont #LucindaLamont @NextChapterPB #DearDiaryitsMe #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 10th May for 7 days, we are touring with Dear Diary, it’s Me by Lucinda Lamont and you can sign up here to take part!

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Publication Day: 9th February 2023 by Next Chapter

Can you keep a secret?

Alice is a young, budding professional, on a seemingly slippery slope. Struggling with life and drinking excessively, she doesn’t want anyone to know how bad her problem is becoming.

Power couple Hannah and Craig can’t conceive, which sends them down separate paths of betrayal.

Ollie has been bullied all his life, and neglected by his mother. When a new girl, Sky, starts at his school, could she be everything he has been looking for?

Disgraced PE teacher and now local pub landlord, Phil, lives a sordid life. No one knows what lengths of depravity he will go to, to get his kicks out of life.

Can Alice break the cycle of destruction she is on?
Will Hannah and Craig destroy their relationship for good?
Can Ollie get the peace he craves in life?
Does Phil get exposed for who he really is?

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Hopefully, we will see you on the tour!


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