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Well here we are! The wrap up for The Map Maker’s Daughter! Are you ready to relive the tour?

24th August and it all kicked off!

Extract at Herding Cats, “Yasmeen’s body lies all sharp and twisted angles; her long dark hair spread out around her. Maven runs to her. His heart racing. All his injuries forgotten. Please, please, he begs, I will do anything. I will do anything. Let her live.

Review at snowphiethebookworm (IG), “A brilliant book that will have you hooked on it , great descriptions of the characters and setting adding depth too the book and means you can picture it while you are reading it”

beth.readsbooks (IG) spotlighted the book

25th August

Extract at Cover2Cover Blog, “Across the harbour the ripples become waves. In less than a hundred heartbeats the water has grown monstrous, with rank after rank of foam topped crests as high as houses.     If she runs now, maybe she had a chance. Maven screams again to her to run. But Yasmeen only stood there watching him trying to free himself. She will not leave without him.”

Jazzy Book Reviews puts Caroline in the spotlight as we learn what Caroline’s writing kryptonite is, which literary character she would dine with, how she describes herself in 3 words and so much more

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “The story is cleverly set up so incidents early on come back later and make sense and the conclusion was very clever, and not something I could have predicted”

26th August

Extract at Book InspectorSharra gave an unladylike snort. ‘Milton Hold isn’t like that. My father cares about . . .’ she broke off as she sees the messenger’s face harden and swallows down her anger. ‘We can’t let those people die.’The messenger shrugs. ‘It’s out of my hands.’

Review at Fantasy Book Nerd, “There are loads of things that I liked in this book, the way it starts as a character driven book but then metamorphoses into a plot focussed story. The pace of the plot, the intriguing magic system and the characters as a whole. And added to the fact that Caroline Dunford’s prose is really easy to get along with.”

Review at Books with Gina, “I was so excited to read this book and soon found that I couldn’t put it down. I read it in a few hours, which is unheard of at the minute!”

27th August

Extract at Just Katherine, “When all the men are inside, the carriage moves away and the second takes its place at the stone porch. Dame Ivory comes out to greet the Camden women. They spill out into the courtyard mingling and chattering. Dame Ivory is everywhere, catching falling shawls, placing kisses on cheeks and embracing the older women. No one comes out to greet the occupants of the third carriage.”

Review at Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), “The world is fascinating and has been crafted well. The writing is easy to read and enjoyable. Will there be more from the world of the Map Makers? I hope so!”

28th August

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds, “Sharra forces her eyes open to see Jayne holding out a goblet. ‘It’s water. You need to drink. You need to eat too, but I’d wait a while for that. Sit up.’ ‘Can’t. Want to die.’”

Review at Me And My Books, “There is enough description to keep the plotline flowing and plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep the attention. I soon found myself caught up in this book and quite unable to leave it until I had finished it.”

29th August

Extract at b for bookreview, “‘Do try and do your father credit for once. He sent this for you to wear.’ She holds out a long silver chain with a polished blue pendant. Then she turns on her heels and leaves as fast as her dignity will allow.”

Review by Jessica Belmont, “WOW! I am blown away by The Map Maker’s Daughter by Caroline Dunford. I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it since I finished reading it. It is everything I think a fantasy should be and was so inspiring for me.”

Review by Nemesis Book Blog, “This definitely has the makings of being a fantastic series and I really do hope there is a book 2 as I feel Sharra’s journey has only just begun.”

30th August – and it’s the final day 🙁

Portable Magic puts Caroline in the spotlight as we find out if any of her previous jobs helped with her writing process, the inspiration behind The Map Makers Daughter, what she does in her spare time and so much more

Review at Bookworm Blogger, “…this was a fast paced, intricately planned fantasy tale that had me stuck in my chair till it was over. My only question is will we see Sharra again? Will we ever find out what happened next?”

Review by lets_escape_with_books (IG), “I really liked all the characters and there journey, especially Sharra and how she grows in this book.”

Review by jay.rae.r2eads (IG), “I loved the premise and setting to this book! This brand new world was so exciting to explore.”

The Map Maker’s Daughter is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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