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Well if I am writing this extremely late post it means that the blog tour for The Abdication came to an end.

Let us recap with these snippets

It’s Day 27, it’s overcast but it’s bright here because the tour has kicked off!

Review at Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), “I thoroughly enjoyed Tula’s journey, all the characters she met, and the conclusion was satisfying. Justin Newland’s writing is easy to read and the plot is great entertainment. I want to go back to Topeth!”

A Knight’s Reads puts Justin in the spotlight as we learn the inspiration behind the book, what book he is reading at the moment, his mastermind topic and much more…

Review at Sue Loves to Read, “I really enjoyed this book. Great story. Tula was my favourite character. I don’t normally read historical books but I did enjoy this book. Am looking forward to reading more from this author.”

Happy Hump – 28th July – day and we saw these posts

Portable Magic puts Justin under the spotlight as we find out what his previous jobs were, who his favourite writers are, his favourite band and so much more…

Review at M. Reads Books N Fics, “What I loved was her journey of self discovery because it showed an aspect of the human nature many people face, and this shows another side of what someone can go through. Her journey is engaging and keeps the reader wanting to carry on with Tula.”

Review at Rachel Read It, “Filled with striking imagery and an effective melding of genres, there is much here to think about and explore as you journey to Topeth and meet it’s inhabitants.”

The sun came back on 29th July which means the weekend is nearly here

Review at Bookmarks and Stages, “The writing is elegant and edges along between the complete fantastical and parts of reality that all humans can recognise.”

Review at OllieSpot SFF Book Review, “It was a natural and engaging read, once I picked up on the slowly revealing mysteries and answers to questions the writer had earlier provoked by the descriptive writing. Ease, that’s a feeling that came to me many ties while reading and flying through the pages.”

Herding Cats puts Justin under the spotlight as we learn how he does his research, if he could travel back in time where he would go, his writing ritual and so much more…

It may be Friday 30th July but there is no YAY because of the rain. Instead, I will cheer myself up with these posts

Extract at, “A gust of wind whipped up particles of sand which spiralled in the fractious air ahead of her. She squinted and pulled her keffiyeh up to cover her nose. At this altitude, the air was a thin gruel, offering paltry nourishment. Her gut was rumbling, but that was nothing new.”

Review at Bonnie Reads And Writes, “This is a thought-provoking read that will make you consider the results of actions and how evil comes about.”

From First Page to Last shares this extract, “Turning the air blue with their song, the men lumbered down the alley, barely giving her, or the young men, a second glance. For probably the only time in her life, she mouthed a prayer of thanks to an unruly bunch of drunks.

It’s the end of the month, it’s 31st July and we spent it with these reviews

Review at Pauline Render (FB), “Justin Newland has a beautifully descriptive way of writing which pulls you into the story.”

Review at snowphiethebookworm (IG), “The book and writing itself has a feel about it which definitely goes along with how I picture the town of Unity and Topeth to be in my mind . This book is a suspense thriller that keeps giving you more and more to want to keep reading”

It may be Sunday 1st August but there is no rest day here

Extract at The Magic of Wor(l)ds “The early morning rays of the sun breached the podium where they were standing. In a subtle dance of light and dark, the sun’s shadow edged across the snake path. Like a huge supernatural being, it shifted slowly over their heads until, as the minutes ticked by, it slithered onto the flagstones.”

Review at Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB) , “The language and writing style is beautiful, descriptive but not overly so. Almost poetic. It really does transport you back in time.”

Kicking our week off today on Monday 2nd August we have these posts,

Review at jay.rae.reads (IG), “the written descriptions of the Angel town Unity and human town Topeth were so beautiful I could imagine myself being there. I also liked that there was a mystery feel to this novel and I kept wanting to know more and more.”

Extract at booksbehindthetitle, “Above her, the moon hung amidst the canopy of stars – thrown like glittering jewels into the great sea of the Milky Way. The panorama was as eternal as it was ephemeral.”

It’s a busy day on 3rd August with these posts to enjoy

Review at Fan Addict, “There are some twists en route to what turns out to be a pretty satisfying final act, but Newland is also not afraid to make tough decisions with the characters along the way.”

Review at Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, “This book is a great retreat from the chaotic, stressful life we live in, it’s good to escape to another time and place every so often and this is one of those books where you can fully absorb yourself into a completely different world”

Extract at Baker’s Not So Secret Blog, “Her heart thumped against her chest. Quietly, she moved away from the ceremony, walked through the cemetery gate, and strode down the path for a minute. It ran tantalisingly close to the edge of the ravine and seemed to come to a stop at a high stone wall. She peered around it. Her mouth dropped open.”

Happy Hump – 4th August – day again! Another busy day today, as we get through the week,

Review at My Bookish Bliss, “Every part of this book held me in awe. The origin stories are not anything I’ve ever read. Yet the whole book left me feeling as though I’ve known these origin stories all my life.”

Extract at Mikaela Reads, “As she climbed the path, passing the boundary wall and entering the inner court on the upper terrace, the view across to Unity became clearer, as did the panorama of the hills and mountains surrounding Topeth. Before she had even explored the peak, she was seduced by the aromas; a subtle blend of soft rose plume, refreshing mint and sweet jasmine.”

Review at Cheryl M-M’s Book BlogIt’s an ambitious and creative read full of parallels and analogies, and yet simultaneously also storytelling that crosses and bends boundaries.”

It’s the last day of the tour today 🙁 but the 5th August saw these posts to close the tour

Review at Portable Magic “The Abdication is not my usual type of read, but I really enjoyed Newland’s writing style. It’s very descriptive so I found it easy to picture the world which he has created and I became immersed in it very quickly, reading the novel in less than 24 hours.”

Extract at b for bookreview “Zach led her and his donkeys out of the busy market and along a narrow defile until they encountered an open arena. In the middle of it was a huge metal bust, human from the midriff to the neck and with the head of a bull, white horns and a snout as black as the night.”

Review at Hayley’s Book Room “Justin’s writing is a mix of great depictions of the environment and surroundings that make up the town of Topeth and some interesting dialogue that you wouldn’t expect from the characters.”

So what did we learn?

That this is an entertaining and engaging read, you can get lost in the writing and the world-building that Justin has done. You become part of Tula’s journey and feel protective of her. The imagery of Topeth will blow you away and allows you to be sucked into the world around you.

Well, I can’t wait to read this!

That is indeed a wrap!

The Abdication is out now and available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx



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