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It’s a beautiful place to live. Or die.

June is very happy in her home. It’s where she raised her two kids – now college age – and every room is filled with memories, some beautiful, some painful. She loves the garden she has worked so hard to create. She likes her neighbours in this pleasant, leafy suburb.

But lately, something has changed.

There’s the new guy across the street. He seems rough, possibly criminal. And he’s been taking a definite interest in June’s rebellious daughter, Cathy.

And there’s June’s son, Sam. He’s always been open and friendly but recently he’s been sullen and secretive.

Even more disturbing, June’s cheating ex-husband suddenly seems to be everywhere. It’s almost as if he’s stalking her.

Then, when someone she knows is murdered, June begins to understand that all these different things are connected. And as she investigates further, she realises that she herself is in terrible danger.

Because someone out there wants June gone. Permanently.

Over the 7 days, did we find out if this was a perfect home?

7th February

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “There was a sense of tension and menace throughout. I wanted things to turn out well for June, I felt sorry for her.”

Review by Books by Bindu, “This is a ‘light’ psychological thriller in my eyes but was a quick and enjoyable read.”

Review by loopyloulaura, “The Perfect Home is a enjoyable and sinister psychological thriller and the domestic side makes the characters and situations relevant and relatable.”

Review by what_esther_read (IG), “this was a psychological whodunnit in which I got one character completely wrong 😳”

8th February

Review by Read and Rated, “Superbly atmospheric, this psychological thriller held my attention throughout the mundanity of everyday life and slap bang into a dark and tense thriller.”

Review by Fireflies and Free Kicks, “The psych thriller aspect is good. I guessed at the mastermind but underestimated the reach of the person responsible and how it all tied together. So well-done on that”

Review by Reviews Red Pillows, “I think the book was interesting and there was a plot twist that I did not see coming.”

carriereadsthem_all (IG) hosted a spotlight

9th February

Review by dreaming_of_selfcare (IG), “Love the front cover too, gives a great sense of foreboding as you start reading. A great read which left me guessing throughout.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I really enjoyed this book. Great story and characters.”

Confessions of a Bookaholic posted a spotlight

10th February

Review by juliereadzintherockies (IG), “The story has some exciting elements and was interesting…”

The Bookworm Blog Review

Review by Nat’s Bookish Corner (FB), “There were twists and throughout the story and it kept me intriguing to find out what was going to happen”

Review by Curling up with a Coffee and a Kindle, “This was a satisfying read in many ways. A domestic thriller that was a quick read, a strong contender for an introduction to the genre”

11th February

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG), “this was amazing!!! Just from the prologue I was hooked! Was drama around every corner, it certainly kept me on my toes.”

Review by 2manybooks2littletime (IG), “The amazing, quite spooky cover states that it is a psychological thriller with a heart-stopping climax, so I was really waiting for that jaw-dropping moment.”

Review by penfoldlayla (IG), “I throughly enjoyed this book, the storyline was fantastic. I was invested from the beginning, and just had to know what happens.”

Review by Hannah May Book Reviews, “I like how the prologue grabs your attention but then doesn’t give much away, making you excited for the story to come.”

12th February

Review by library_of_lucyg (IG), “There is the classic who-done-it element to this story, making this intriguing and entertaining for those who are perhaps looking to try a new genre.”

Review by all_books_great_and_small (IG), “The Perfect Home is a suspenseful read about June Sweeney who lives a nice, quiet life tucked away in her cul-de-sac”

Review by Jessica Belmont, “This is a psychological thriller that had me questioning every moment and every character. It had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.”

Review by dds_book_reviews (IG), “A dramatic prologue pulls you immediately in to this domestic psychological thriller”

13th February

Review by Charliebeesbooks, “I know that the phrases page turner, unputdownable are very overused but in relation to this book they just describe how I felt…I just couldn’t leave the book.”

Review by mrst_reads (IG), “I felt the characters were well developed and the plot was an interesting idea.”

Review by sambooka23 (IG), “This was very thrilling, it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to end.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “The way he writes means he includes how every single character is affected by the ripple effect of the events we read about. The resulting story makes it so easy to get to know the characters quickly.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

The Perfect Home is out now and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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