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Twenty-one-year-old Skye Willis lives in Eufaula, Alabama, a tourist mecca of stately homes and world-class bass fishing. Her childhood friends are either stuck at dead ends or have moved on to accomplish Big Things.

Skye’s grandmother, Verna, insists on being called “Sparrow” because she suspects her ancestors were Muscogee Creek. She dresses in faux deerskin and experiments with ancient Native American recipes, offering a myth or legend to anyone who will listen.

Skye has no idea what to do with her life. She’s smart as hell, but she has no faith or knowledge there’s something out there she was “born to do.” Nor does she know much of anything about her father, who died in Afghanistan when she was a toddler. He and his family are a mystery her mother won’t discuss.

But when Sparrow sets out to confirm her Creek ancestry through genetic testing, Skye joins in.
The results hit like a DNA bomb, launching them both on a path filled with surprises and life-changing events.
Skye learns a harder truth than she ever expected.

Alternating chapters between Skye’s Alabama life and an intertwining tale of greed, deceit, and control in Texas, this story offers proof that all life is a woven tapestry of past, present, and future.

Did Skye discover what she was meant to do?

8th February

Review by Books with Gina, “This book is just divine, and I will not hear anything to the contrary. Beth has outdone herself”

Review by sambooka23 (IG), “I adored the storyline, the characters and the moral of the story. I thought it was very uplifting, it did touch my heart.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “This was a really good read. Great story and characters. I loved the cover. Beautiful.”

9th February

Review by Squirrel Likes To Read, “A lovely book with truly gorgeous writing about life, connectedness, and the enduring love of our ancestors.”

Review by library_of_lucyg (IG), “An enlightening, charming and addictive read that will sweep you along and bring you into a world of past and present”

10th February

Review by enjoyingbooksagain (IG), “This is a beautiful and heartwarming story about family and history. Have your Kleenex box next to you just saying.”

Review by Tomes and Tales, “Filled with humor and heartbreak, folklore and legend, memories of the past and realities of the present, Tapestry stitches together a memorable reading experience in its melodic and poetic quality”

11th February

Review by Over the Rainbow Book Blog, “It was interesting seeing the two come together and I was very sad when the book ended and I had to say goodbye to the wonderful characters.”

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “From the moment you start reading about how the town gossip you’ll be hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it didn’t disappoint at all. This is an author you need to keep a look out for she’s so talented and thoughtful.”

12th February

Review by mrst_reads (IG), “I love how this book intertwines one of my fundamental beliefs- that money cannot buy happiness and that family is everything!! This book made me laugh, make me reflect and made me cry.”

Review by Books by Bindu, “I raced through it and found it to be thoroughly entertaining as well as heartwarming and with moments of great profoundness.”

Review by Bookchatter@cookiebiscuit, “Tapestry is a MUST-read. Find a quiet spot (squirrels and peacocks not mandatory), a nice cup of tea (or coffee if you live in the US) and a box of tissues and immerse yourself in this beautiful story.”

13th February

Review by Rambling Mads, “This was fascinating and powerful, especially the stories of Freetown and the indigenous ancestors Skye and Sparrow discover.”

Review by snowphiethebookworm (IG), “This was a beautiful, touching and emotional book to read, I certainly had a tear in my eye when I was reading it. It is a story of family and of love .”

14th February

Review by Jessica Belmont, “I wanted to read Tapestry by Beth Duke because look at that stunning cover. I don’t always comment on the cover, but wow. And the good news is, the story inside was just as wonderful.”

Review by libraryoflouise (IG), “I think the author has done a great job of research and adding a lot of content into this story. I found it to be an enjoyable read and I’ve come away from it with new knowledge about certain things.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

Tapestry is out now and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

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