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Will he mend her broken heart? Or does he have a darker plan?

Three years after the tragic death of her wonderful husband, Charlene continues to mourn.

As she struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she meets Samuel. Handsome and educated, this charming man is the perfect suitor, and Charlene slowly lets her guard down and opens her heart to him.

But Samuel is not the man he appears to be. He has a dark compulsion. And an even darker secret.

When he begins acting strangely, Charlene suspects something is wrong. Her fears only grow when she notices she is being followed. Unsure whether she can really trust Samuel, Charlene takes matters into her own hands and starts to investigate.

What she finds is beyond her worst nightmares.

Will Charlene find the strength to confront the shocking truth before her life is shattered all over again?

The Perfect Suitor – the stunning psychological thriller perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, Cathryn Grant, Daniel Hurst.

Over the last 7 days was Samuel the perfect suitor or the devil in disguise?

23rd March

Review by dreaming_of_selfcare (IG), “I found myself almost shouting out loud as I read the book, kind of incredulous that Charlene didn’t see any warning signs like I did. At first this frustrated me but as I read on, it became clear that it was just good character development.”

Review by The Bookworm Journal, “This book was incredibly well written, I mean for me to enjoy the romance part of the book it has to be some amazing writing.”

Review by what_esther_read (IG), “There was a really good build up throughout the story, leading to the climax at the end.”

24th March

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “The prologue just grabs you and the book doesn’t let you go at all. I love a shocking start to a book.”

Review by loopyloulaura, “The Perfect Suitor is an engaging and emotive psychological thriller due to our investment in the lead character.”

25th March

Confessions of a Bookaholic posted a spotlight

Review by juliereadzintherockies (IG), “Cole Baxter is talented at creating detailed and complex characters. The shocking prologue sucked me into the story and the characters kept me reading.”

26th March

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Great story and characters. I liked Charlene but I didn’t trust Samuel. I liked the ending.”

Review by Fireflies and Free Kicks, “There are quite a few twists, including a few toward the very end that I did not see coming at all.”

27th March

Review by Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), “From an opening that grabs you like a fish hook, to an ending that left me with my jaw close to the floor”

Review by 2manybooks2littletime (IG), “I definitely did not see the twist coming at the end. I did figure that something like that was going to happen, but I had pegged different characters for it”

28th March

Review by Charliebeesbooks, “I actually did not trust anyone in Charlene’s life but whether I was right or not is revealed at the very dramatic end.”

Review by Hannah May Book Reviews, “Despite it being a slow burner, I loved how the pace did pick up at the end, really kicking in for the finale.”

29th March

Review by mrsj.r (IG), “A mix of thriller, mystery and romance this book is a slow paced read that manages to deliver some thrilling action in its closing chapters.”

Review by library_of_lucyg (IG), “Perhaps her depression and mourning was clouding her judgment, but even so I found her to be frustrating as a main character. However, it didn’t put me off finishing this book.”

Review by all_books_great_and_small (IG), “This is more of a suspenseful read than a thriller, but I still enjoyed it!”

Review by Bookworm86, “Regardless of what I thought about who, each character worked perfectly to make this page turning psychological thriller!!!”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

The Perfect Suitor and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

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