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In 1971, Nan Douglas and her toddler twins arrive on the remote island of Inniscuiilin, long-lost family of the eccentric Miss Campbell. For fifteen years they all live quietly up at the Big House, until the twins start planning their future – forcing Nan to confront their past…

Because someone, somewhere believes that the twins aren’t twins. That they’re not even Nan’s children. And that Nan isn’t Nan.

Only Nan herself can prove them wrong – but it’s a gamble. Win or lose, she’s still at risk of losing her beloved family. 

After 7 days did we learn whose children, the twins that aren’t twins, were?

24th March

Review by Bonnie Reads And Writes, “This can be described as a mild psychological thriller, and if there were a genre called psychological cozy, I’d put it under there, although that might sound absurd. This novel is both enraging and engaging.”

Review by bianca_reads_books (IG), “Fast paced, absolutely jam packed with story. A great read.”

25th March

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “A brilliantly plotted and expertly executed story that definitely leaves you picking your jaw up from the floor.”

Extract at b for bookreview, “It was only at that point Sally realised, with disbelief, that Malcolm wasn’t talking about a colleague of his from the hospital. No, he was talking about himself. He intended to operate on her himself.”

26th March

Review by Peacock Book Reviews, “It’s a well-written, well-plotted, skillfully executed, engrossing story with good characters.”

Review by 2manybooks2littletime (IG), “Wow! What a fantastic story this group of authors came together and created!”

27th March

Review by diveintoagoodbook (IG), “Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! That final twist just did me in. Gill Merton has a way of writing that will make you think you have everything worked out when you really do not.”

nikkisreadinglibrary posted a spotlight

28th March

Review by Morelli’s Reads, “I was HOOKED after the third page! Literally even text my better half to say I wasn’t going to be able to put it down!”

Morelli’s Reads put Gill in the spotlight as we learn how Entitled was created, how they found it writing a book with 5 different authors, who their favourite character from the book is and so much more

Review by prdg reads, “I really really enjoyed this book, full of things I didn’t expect that just kept me turning the pages.”

29th March

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “This was a good read. I loved Nan character.”

Review by Bookchatter@cookiebiscuit, “This is also about entitlement, the haves and the have-nots and one woman’s attempt to make things right. A very different book which I thoroughly enjoyed”

30th March

Review by penfoldlayla (IG), “This book has utterly surprised me, the more I read, the more I got sucked into this story”

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “It’s only when that twisting mind blowing of an ending takes place that you think wow ‘entitlement’.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

Entitled and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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