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So in the last 7 days with these two fabulous ladies, did we learn the secrets or just get hot under the collar?

24th March

Extract at The Pufflekitteh Reads, (The Secrets Left Behind ) “A piercing scream severed the heavy air inside the Hatchwood drawing room. An abrupt halt to the music froze the assembled guests, mid-dance. For a moment Alice Millington didn’t react.”

Portable Magic put Antoinette (The Secrets Left Behind) in the spotlight as we learn about her writing processes, which three people should have for dinner, her favourite colour and so much more

Review by Pages and Paws, (The Secrets Left Behind) “Tightly written and enlivened with full-bodied characters, vivid settings in mostly Ireland and London, and realistic dialogue, The Secrets Left Behind will keep readers on their toes and at the edge of their seats in this powerful page-turner as it races toward a shattering crescendo.”

Review by Zooloo’s Book Diary, (Re Education) “I do love this series, it’s just a little bit naughty, sizzling and always leaves you wanting more because it is not long enough. I want more.”

25th March

Review by bianca_reads_books (IG), (Re Education) “This one focuses on Nick and Kali and they actually have an interesting dynamic that I could see explored as a fuller story really well. It certainly peaked my interest into their history and how they came to be there.”

Review by bianca_reads_books (IG), (After Midnight) “A lot more steamy moments than the last one…Interested to see where Hell takes Nick next!”

Review by Rambling Mads, (The Secrets Left Behind) “The story is sad and shocking, but ultimately redemptive for Alice, Nancy and Faith.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, (The Secrets Left Behind) “Very enjoyable read. Great story and characters.”

Review by Bookworm86, (Re Education) “The author has a fantastic and vivid imagination and this is reflected perfectly in the storyline”

26th March

b for bookreview put Mia (Re Education) in the spotlight as we learn about her writing habits, if she would co-write a book with someone, how she picks the covers for her and so much more

Review by Zooloo’s Book Diary, (After Midnight) “It has a storyline I would love to have expanded. It has enough sizzle to create a small blush on your face and an interesting twist in the proverbial tale.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, (Re Education) “I was left wanting more of this bit of naughtiness in my reading life!”

Review by Bookworm86, (After Midnight) “a gothic sex filled horror filled with torture and pleasure that will leave you wanting more!”

27th March

Extract at b for bookreview, (After Midnight) “As she studied his reflection, she drank in his broad shoulders and chest. He looked strong, just the way she liked them. She loved to run her manicured fingers over a man’s pectorals as she rode him”

Review by The Page Ladies (IG), (The Secrets Left Behind) “I found it to be a wonderful read & at times emotional. I also found the twists the book takes to be entertaining.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, (The Secrets Left Behind) “The twists in the story were very well placed to make me second guess myself as I read this intriguing, clever and interesting book.”

Review by Bookworm86, (DownTime) “I was originally drawn to this book by its eye catching cover and intriguing synopsis and title.”

28th March

Extract at b for bookreview, (DownTime) “Rafe drank in the sight of the stranger’s bulge: it was big, but not too big. Just the way he liked them.”

Extract at My Reading Corner , (The Secrets Left Behind) “He placed his hand over her open eyes and closed them. They heard him whisper, ‘My darling Kate, what have I done?’ Someone handed Alice a blanket and she placed it over her mother’s body.”

Review by Zooloo’s Book Diary, (DownTime) “it was amazing to watch this character Rafe, who we’ve only just met about five pages before owning it and owning his feelings and owning his sexuality.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, (After Midnight) “If you are after the sexy, well, this is the book. I did wonder how far this one would go, well I found out and you can too. I could have read two hundred more pages more and still wanted more!”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, (DownTime) “Mia Ryder certainly knows how to heat a room up in about 3 minutes.”

29th March

Extract at b for bookreview, (Give In To Me) “More than that: the pheromones. Mortal women and men drifted past him, unaware of how close they were to a sex demon. Nick could see and sense their darkest desires.”

Review by bianca_reads_books (IG), (DownTime) “Quite different to the others in the series but nice to see a more human side to Nick!”

Review by bianca_reads_books (IG), (Give In To Me) “I liked that it came full circle back to book 1 and theres still scope to revisit the demon underworld again!”

Review by Curling up with a Coffee and a Kindle, (The Secrets Left Behind), “I loved the characters, all of them captivated me and I loved feeling their emotions with them.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, (Give In To Me) “A series that means you can turn your heating down for a bit in the house as Mia Ryder dials it up as far as she can! Don’t worry if you end up with pink cheeks it’s a side effect of Sex.Die.Repeat!”

30th March

b for bookreview put Antoinette (The Secrets Left Behind) in the spotlight as we learn when and where she likes to write, who should love to co-write a book with, how she comes up with the title for your book and so much more

Review by Bookworm86, (Give In To Me) “It is very well written and the storyline isn’t just about sex but is actually very intriguing and sounds just like what Hell would be.”

Review by Zooloo’s Book Diary, (Give In To Me) “As I’ve said before in other reviews, I’d love to see a full-blown novel, so that would be fab if we could see that. Just saying.”

Review by prdg reads, (The Secrets Left Behind) “I definitely didn’t see the ending coming but it was everything I never knew I needed and tied the book up perfectly.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

ALL the books are out and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

Until the next adventure xxx

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