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And That’s A Wrap – Trust Only Me by McGarvey Black @mcgarveyblack @JoffeBooks #TrustOnlyMe #ZooloosBookTours

The tour for Trust Only Me by McGarvey Black has now come to an end. You can view everyone’s full post via the page but here are some highlights

Publication Day: 28th January 2023 by Joffe Books


From her home office in rural Connecticut, self-published thriller author Jillian Samuels dreams of writing a bestseller.

Her tall, dark and handsome chef husband Teddy, and her BFF, Natalie, a glamorous PR woman always in six-inch heels, cheer Jillian on when her new book, The Soul Collector, is accepted by a New York agent.

By night, she writes about serial killers. But then her stories begin to come true.

Not long afterwards, crimes from her old thrillers start to really happen — two bodies are found covered in silver paint — one unconscious, the other dead. Some people on Twitter notice the eerie similarities to Jillian’s previous books.

Jillian’s book sales are rising — but the police are asking questions . . .

A seamless blend of high domestic suspense with a shattering final twist.

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