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When 16-year-old Charlotte Goolsby first encounters the mysterious little boy playing in the cemetery, she assumes he belongs to the minister’s family. However, as sightings of the little boy continue and seemingly go unnoticed by the rest of Keesbury’s residents, Charlotte is forced to confront everything she once believed about life and death.

Charlotte finds herself confiding her fears to her father’s shipwright apprentice, Rees Pendleton, the eldest son of the village’s most prominent family. Whilst Rees’ mother disapproves of their growing relationship, it will be the arrival of the reclusive uncle with his own secrets who may threaten not only the Pendleton’s future but Charlotte’s as well.

Charlotte and Rees will discover that all is not what it may seem in their quiet, seaside village of Keesbury. Some of the residents are keeping secrets – horrific and deadly secrets.

The Haunting of Noyo Bay beckons back to the age of the ever-popular gothic horror and suspense novels of the 1970s. Set in the mid-1800s, against the backdrop of one of Northern California’s emerging seaside villages, listeners will be transported back in time.

Over 3 days did we enjoy our visit through the cemetery with its guests?

28th March

Review by Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways (FB), “This pitches the gothic horror vibe perfectly, and to say i loved reading it wouldn’t be entirely correct, only because it totally creeped me out.”

Review by Pauline Render, “With hints of more secrets throughout the story, I found myself eagerly turning the pages to find out more.”

Review by Bookworm86, “It is creepy and scary in just the right amounts to make you wonder what the noise is that you just heard but not over the top.”

29th March

Review by Curling up with a Coffee and a Kindle, “The plot was extremely eerie and chilling and the graveyard scenes were seriously creepy!”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “I do appreciate a writer who can creep the reader out big style and L.B Stimson does just that. I was on edge from time to time, which meant any little noise made me overthink.”

Extract at Jazzy Book Reviews, “The fact the child had fallen from the area known as Devil’s Basin was not lost on him and it was a bit cruel, he thought, for the Lord to take the child in such a violent manner. The broken body of the boy lay awkwardly atop a jagged rock, referred to as the “Devil’s Table” which was seated just within the surf.”

30th March

Review by Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), “I found it very atmospheric, engaging, and a pleasure to immerse myself in this spine-tingling horror. The narrator did a brilliant job of adding to the chills.”

Extract at Portable Magic, “She scrambled through the tall grass; the spectral child closed in on the distance separating him from Richard. Charlotte continued to stumble towards the cliffside, screaming until Richard stopped. He turned in her direction just as the spectral form of the little boy swept up behind him.”

Review by Baker’s Not So Secret Blog, “It is an enjoyable, entertaining read, with plenty of mystery added into the mix. and likeable characters. It has everything I would expect to find in a ghost story.”

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “Omg. A Creepy and spooky read. Great story and characters. Love this author.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

The Haunting Of Noyo Bay and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

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