Zooloosbooktours is the best!

This is the 2nd time I’ve used Zoolosbooktours for one of my novels, and I can’t recommend the company and Zoé O’Farrell enough. She makes everything easy as can be for an author and the bloggers and reviewers she arranges tour dates with always come through as scheduled.

For an author, getting the word out about new books is always the most important thing (other than writing them!), and book tours have become vital in today’s online-focused age. But with so many to choose from, a writer has no idea which ones to go with, and usually no time to contact them all. Zoé handles all of that for you, and at a reasonable price. There are a lot of book tour companies on the ‘net, but if you want someone you can trust to do right by you, go with Zooloosbooktours.

JG Faherty, author of Ragman, The Wakening, and Sins of the Father

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