I LOVE Zooloo’s Book Tours

There are so many things I LOVE about Zooloo’s Book Tours but the three big ones are firstly the quality of the bloggers – avid readers, great SM followers and crucially genre literate which is important to me since I write Technothrillers which has in the past lead to poorer reviews because the bloggers aren’t used to the genre. Secondly, Zoé’s promotion of the tour was second to none with daily social updates and great communication to me. Finally, and its no small thing, the post tour follow us was fantastic – we run these tours to get social proof on Amazon and Goodreads and Zoé followed up all the bloogers and then (and this is the big) sends a SS with a Goodreads, Insta and Amazon link to each review along with quotable lines from each blogger. Perfect. It saves me hours of time having to do my own follow up and trawling through reviews trying to extract quotes. That alone is worth the price of the tour. Thanks so much Zoé.

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