Can’t Recommend Highly Enough!

I took a punt on Zoe’s Book Tour via a recommendation, not really knowing what to expect. Wow! Were my expectations surpassed!
Zoe contacted a host of book bloggers on my behalf and nailed down those 18 who expressed an interest in my book, DeadStar.
Every day for a full seven-day week, the allotted bloggers – without fail – posted on their blogs, social media and, in many cases, GoodReads and Amazon, their reviews (as well as a Q&A with myself, and a couple of book extracts). One extract alone was retweeted by enough Twitter book-bloggers that it must have reached 50K Twitter users.
At the end of an incredible experience, I now have a host of review quotes with which to launch my book, which is beyond invaluable. I’ll add them to my Amazon Description and early browsers will see glowing appraisals. Among my marketing, I’d wanted to compare DeadStar with Spinal Tap and Daisy Jones – sounds naff and iffy coming from me – and now I have bloggers doing that for me, whom readers will trust. I also currently have a 4.29 rating on GoodReads from 14 ratings and 13 reviews – two weeks before launch. As ARC teams go, this one really works!
I couldn’t have wished for a better start for DeadStar. All thanks to Zoe.

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