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Starting Soon – What’s In My Fridge? by Paul Guy Hurrell #PaulHurrell @BlossomSpring3 #WhatsInMyFridge #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 22nd May for 5 days, we are touring with What’s In My Fridge? by Paul Guy Hurrell

Publication Day: 17th June 2022 by Blossom Spring Publishing

Terry, ten years old, is being bullied at school due to his weight. He particularly hates going to school on Fridays because this is P.E. day.

One Friday, feeling glum as ever at the prospect of going to school, Terry reaches into the fridge for his packed lunch box, and is suddenly pulled into the fridge, thrusted into a magical world where an adventure awaits him. In this strange land that he finds himself in, Terry rides a giant worm, takes the best and worst taxi ride ever, meets a queen and the Tippytappies as well as walking behind the stinking Gobulator all the way to Hope city.

After meeting many more different characters on his journey, Terry has learnt a lot about courage and is ready to stand up to the school bully, with a little help from Theodore the dragon and his four baby dragons.

An inspirational children’s story of hope and bravery!

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