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Starting Soon – The Widow’s Boyfriend by E.V Seymour @eveseymour @joffebooks #TheWidowsBoyfriend #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 25th August for 7 days, we are touring with The Widow’s Boyfriend by E.V Seymour

Publication Day: 17th August 2023 by Joffe Books

Verity’s widowed mother has a new boyfriend. But is he really all he seems?

Verity finds out her mother is secretly dating a man she met online. After five long years of widowhood, Eleanor is finally happy — and back to her old self.

But Verity’s suspicions are aroused when she meets the charming, seemingly perfect Roger Scott-Jefferies. Something about him doesn’t ring true.

Verity starts asking questions about her mother’s new man. And she doesn’t like the answers. At the same time, strange things start happening.

A cryptic postcard turns up, which her mother refuses to explain. Then a dead bird is left on the doorstep. Surveillance photos of Eleanor, Verity, and her brother are delivered to the house.

As Verity peels back the layers of her mother’s past, she realizes that Eleanor has been keeping dangerous secrets.

And someone is determined to keep those secrets hidden.

Verity is about to find out that some truths are best left buried.

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