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Starting Soon – My Year With The Italian Girl by Linda Leuzzi #LindaLeuzzi #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 24th July for 5 days, we are touring with My Year With The Italian Girl by Linda Leuzzi

Publication Day: 28th July 2022

It’s 1985. The Bellport Evening Star, a weekly community paper headed by its sassy editor Vivian Allegra, covers both the humorous and serious issues that regularly erupt in this small village. When she agrees to host a teen exchange student from Catania for a year, Francesca, who descriptively discusses her ancient home city and is hilarious in her observations of American life and who teams up with Black student Keisha with her beautiful Broadway dancer aunt for the upcoming Step competition, life starts taking off.

Actually it does for all of them. These are three strong women who in their own voices, fight to achieve their goals, which includes the community that helps them.

Add a burgeoning local environmental issue with alarming threats to Vivian, a bit of magical realism, and a handsome Brit neighbor who has his eye on recently divorced Vivian and things get pretty interesting.

Who’s mysteriously threatening Vivian?
Will the Wiley property be saved?
Will the Step Squad win the Regional competition?
And will Vivian let down her guard with sweet Ian?

This uplifting story about small town life presents the workings of a weekly paper, different cultures, and what happens when belief in one’s self persists.

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