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Starting Soon – Hiding in Plain Sight and The Other Side of Fear by Eoghan Egan @eoghanegan @CityStonePress #HidingInPlainSight #TheOtherSideOfFear #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 6th April for 14 days, we are touring with Hiding in Plain Sight and The Other Side of Fear by Eoghan Egan

Publication Day: 23rd February 2023 by City Stone Publishing


A vicious serial killer roams the Irish Midlands-his sight always set on the next victim.

A successful businessman finds the perfect recipe for getting away with murder.
No bodies, no evidence.
No evidence, no suspect.

High art and low morals collide when graduate Sharona Walters discovers a multi-million-euro art scam. She delves in, unwittingly putting herself on a direct trajectory with danger as the killer accelerates his murder spree.
When Sharona gets drawn into the killer’s orbit, she peels away his public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath.

Suddenly, the small town has no hiding place…

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Publication Day: 6th April 2023 by City Stone Publishing

Nothing will ever be the same again

Sharona Waters is determined to dig into loan shark Dessie Dolan’s business and see him brought to justice. But when a young woman she’s only briefly met goes missing, a much darker story emerges.

Pulled into the ruthless world of people trafficking – a world built on violent brutality and sudden death – Sharona finds herself caught between crime and conscience, pursued by powerful and ruthless criminals, and just one bad decision away from having her whole world crash down.

Sometimes, the only way forward is to risk everything, no matter the cost.

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