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Starting Soon – Her Husband’s Secrets by Emily Shiner #EmilyShiner @inkubatorbooks #HerHusbandsSecrets #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 29th May for 7 days, we are touring with Her Husband’s Secrets by Emily Shiner

Publication Day: 21st May 2023 by Inkubator Books

A cheating husband. A vengeful wife. And a plan that goes terribly wrong.

When Eloise discovers her husband Jared has fathered a son with another woman, Tina, there’s no way she’s forgiving him. But divorce will leave her with nothing, thanks to a prenup.

Instead, she takes her time plotting a murderous revenge with the help of her loyal cousin Ricky. Her plan is simple – she’ll kill Jared and set Tina up to take the fall.

That way she’ll stay free to inherit what she really loves: Jared’s money. And with Ricky’s help, it all seems possible.

What Eloise hasn’t counted on is Ricky’s unpredictable state of mind. Driven by a dangerous obsession with Tina, he’s slowly disconnecting from reality.

Instead of following Eloise’s plan, he thinks up one of his own.

One that leaves Eloise in a place she never thought possible, even in her worst nightmares. 

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